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Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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XINGColumbus wrote Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

April 23, 2008 by johnwirtz

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), in conjunction with the Brookings Institution’s Urban Markets Initiative, has developed an interactive mapping website that shows variables affecting household transportation costs for 52 metropolitan areas (including Columbus) at the US Census block group level of detail.

The purpose is to show people that their most affordable place to live might not be the same as the place with the most affordable housing costs. Transportation costs must be considered too. The web site shows average transportation costs for the block group based on linear regression models, and may not accurately reflect your unique situation, but it’s a really interesting starting point…and loads of fun.

For example, this is a map of housing costs as a percentage of household income. While households in Upper Arlington, Bexley, Powell, Worthington, and New Albany earn more than the median income on average, they also pay more for housing as a percentage of their income.


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