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Honey Bees and a Blade Runner Beer Tasting at Studio 35

Hope Madden Hope Madden Honey Bees and a Blade Runner Beer Tasting at Studio 35Photo via IMDb.
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You know that scene in Blade Runner 2049 with the bees?

Of course you don’t, but there is one, and it’s weirdly connected with Studio 35, local hip-hop artist Envelope, and Barley’s brewer/Studio 35 fix-it man Gabe Sturgess.

Here’s the skinny. Studio 35’s next beer tasting, happening this Sunday, October 8, from 2 to 6 p.m., brings together the new Blade Runner, the music of Clintonville’s own Envelope and the beers of Barley’s.

What does that have to do with bees? One of the brews available for the tasting — Blade Thirst Wheat — is a version of Barley’s popular Blood Thirst Wheat that’s been infused with lemongrass and local honey.

Honey from Sturgess’s own hives, in fact. Besides fixing stuff and pouring beers at Studio 35 and brewing at Barley’s, the guy’s a beekeeper.

So, Sturgess is a man of many talents.

Much like the event’s musical guest, Tony “Envelope” Collinger.

“Seemed like a fun little mix of events to throw together,” Sturgess says. “Envelope’s a Clintonville dude. We’re all fans of his music. He’s a fan of our beer, a fan of local craft beer.”

How big a fan?

“We made a beer for him at Barley’s back in the day,” Sturgess says. “We’re always looking for an excuse to make a beer and have a fun theme, so we named a beer after him.”

What beers, aside from Sturgess’s special honey concoction, can we expect to see on Sunday?

“We pulled some stuff out of the corners of the brewery,” Sturgess says. “We have a beer called Infinity. It’s a Grand Cru—a Belgian dark strong, and being a strong ale it ages very well, so we’ve had one sitting in our basement for a year. So we’re going to have specialty beers like Infinity, which we just brewed, and Infinity Plus 1, which we aged for one year.”

For $30 you can enjoy some Clintonville hip-hop, 10 Barley’s brews, and the biggest movie of the fall, one that clocks in at 2 hours, 43 minutes.

“That’s more for your money right there,” Sturgess laughs. “That’s a lot of entertainment.”

To purchase tickets, visit brownpapertickets.com.

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