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Home Decor: Bathroom Talk

 Crimson Design Group Home Decor: Bathroom Talk
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Editor’s note by Anne: Welcome to a new monthly design tips feature. Many of you have been desiring more lifestyle/decorating content and we hope this will offer ideas for your decorating projects. We will be working with area designers to showcase some of their ideas. For our first article, we asked Crimson Design Group to share with us a few of their projects. They have shared three different bathroom designs – a richly textured design for a penthouse, a fun and colorful design for children, and a tranquil design for a clubhouse.

Crimson Design Group – Bathroom Talk
Today there are so many different products available to make your bathroom special to reflect your own style. From tile to amazing glass sinks, you can choose just about any color or pattern to fit your taste and budget.

Penthouse Powder Room
In this penthouse powder we used an onyx marble. Lighting was added underneath to bring life to the marble creating a soft and warm glow. Glass tile imported from Italy was installed on the wall and mirror with lighting behind it to accent the glass tile. The custom mirror and faucet are brushed nickel to give a clean and modern look. To add another dimension to the room we used an exotic wood print wall covering. The wood pattern provides a natural and masculine element to the whole room.

Penthouse Powder by Crimson Design Group

Children’s Bathroom
For this family we wanted to create a fun children’s bathroom. As a whole this bathroom is mostly white to keep it growing with the child, but we chose a few key elements to add a punch of color and contrast. A fire engine red, quartz countertop gave us the color and durability we wanted. And, if you look close you can see that the countertop has a hint of sparkle to it! When we found these multi-colored accent tiles at Hamilton Parker, we immediately thought of the fun, childhood game “Pick-up-Sticks” and felt they would be perfect to incorporate into a children’s bathroom. We created our own custom color blend and applied them in a unique way behind the vanity.

A great tip for longer, narrow bathrooms – give the illusion of more space and recess the wall behind the vanity about 6″ and utilize that space to do a fun tile accent. By mounting simple mirrors in front of the tile we created function without distracting from the glass tile. We also carried that punch of color into the tub/shower surround as a decorative liner and as hand-blown glass knobs for the cabinet hardware. What child or teen wouldn’t love this colorful bathroom?!

Children's Bathroom by Crimson Design Group

Shower Detail by Crimson Design Group

Clubhouse Bathroom
In this clubhouse bathroom at Kenyon Square Luxury Apartments we used a unique product called Interlam. Interlam is a high-end sculpted, carved, decorative and ornamental wall panel created from high pressure laminate. This material is fabulous to use in many different applications. It comes in 4’ x 8′ prefinished sheets or it comes in the raw and can be painted on the jobsite. It is available in many different patterns that can work with any look.

In this bathroom, we opted for a clear glass sink to allow the wall behind to still be visible, as well as, suspend the mirror out from the Interlam to visually play on the dimensional quality of the product. And, to take it one step farther we lit the wall from above to wash down the wall and really add drama to the space.

Clubhouse Bathroom by Crimson Design Group

The team at Crimson Design Group

By thinking outside the box and not resorting to paint or tile only, you can create a look and feel completely different and unique to your space. We encourage you to take risks on that bathroom makeover and make it fun!

Crimson Design Group
Our Crimson Design Group team is made up of a unique blend of talents. We take our world travels and life experiences to provide design that is luxurious and unique to you. We firmly believe that you should always be inspired by what surrounds you and to never settle for the status-quo. Cheryl Beachy Stauffer, formed the company in 2003 to change the way people think about their environment. We believe the way we live, and how we interact with our surroundings empowers us, comforts us, and enables us to fully embrace our lives.

Home Decor is a monthly column on Columbus Underground featuring Design Professionals’ design tips for your home. Have a suggestion? Please send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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