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Holiday Shopping Guide 2014 No. 2 – Funny Things

Anne Evans Anne Evans Holiday Shopping Guide 2014 No. 2 – Funny Things
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The holidays are near! Thank you for reading our annual Holiday Shopping Guide! The 2014 Guide is presented by the The Columbus Foundation. Their new Gifts of Kindness Fund will allow you to help provide one-time, life-changing gifts to an individual in need, with the goal of creating a community focused on helping each other – a beautiful thing to do for the holidays (and anytime!)! Our second list of our shopping guide features funny things to gift to your family and friends. Today is Black Friday and there are special deals happening at local stores throughout Columbus. Shop the Short North early and get a special tote bag! Every Friday through December 19th, we’ll have a new list of gift ideas to help you make this a wonderful holiday season. Happy Holidays!

1. Wosch Dog Leggings. $36 a pair. A Gal Named Cinda Lou.
2. Bob’s Burgers comic exclusive. $3.99. Rivet.
3. He Man and Skeletor Pins. $5 each. Rivet.
4. Henry & Glenn Forever. By Igloo Tornado. Published by Microcosm Publishing. $6. What the Rock?!
5. Novelty Hot Sauces. $6 each. CaJohns Fiery Foods.
6. Fink & Fink’s Marital Bliss Card Game. $20. Celebrate Local Easton.
7. Jughead Hat. $20. Team Chipmunk.
8. Ugly Vintage Christmas Sweaters. $8 and up. Christmisc.
9. Orange Peel Box with Friendship Bracelet. $6 for box, $9 with bracelet. World Peaces.
10. Pinup Men Potholders. $16.99 each. Simply Vague Polaris.
11. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. $6. Tigertree.
12. I Could Pee on This. And Other Poems by Cats. $12.95. Tigertree.
Funny1313. Spinney Wind Up Silver Edition. $25. Wexner Center Store.
14. Danger Kitty Nightlight. $28. Wholly Craft.
15. Adult Merit Badges by AmyD. $6. Wholly Craft.
16. Clinton-ville t-shirt. $23. Skreened.
17. Farm Animal Butt Magnets. $9.95. Bink Davies.
18. Recycled Can Candles. $8-13. Glean.
19. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Night Light. $15. Big Fun.
20. A Christmas Story Full Size Leg Lamp. $200. Big Fun.
21. Bath Bears. $14 each. Stinkybomb Soap.

The 2014 Columbus Underground Holiday Shopping Guide is presented by The Columbus Foundation.

Join Us To Help Central Ohio Families With An Emergency NeedFooter_gift_logo Your gift assists individuals who may have experienced an unforeseen setback, and need an immediate financial boost to help them continue a path to self-sufficiency and sustainability. The intention of each gift is to inspire the recipient and the community as a whole, creating a more acutely aware community focused on helping each other. Give now at ColumbusFoundation.org/giving/gifts-of-kindness.

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