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Ho Toy is the classic place to go for Chinese

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The Columbus Dispatch wrote Downtown classic the place to go for Chinese

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ho Toy opened in 1959 at 33 E. Town St. and in 1980 moved to its location in a former Burger King at 11 W. State St.

Its staying power is based on continuity, said Puttachard Ju, only the third owner in the restaurant’s history: The main lunch cook (she goes by Mrs. Lee and hails from China by way of the former Kahiki restaurant) has turned out classic dishes, including egg foo yong and chow mein, for more than 30 years.

Ho Toy won’t win any beauty contests, but it manages to make “dowdy” an attribute. There are lots of red vinyl booths with brown Formica tabletops on two levels (the second is rarely used) — not to mention bare light bulbs and faded paper lanterns.


I’ve never heard anyone say anything favorable about Ho Toy, and I’ve never been back since a terrible experience there (even though it is the closest restaurant in proximity to my office).

Can anyone tell me whether I’m missing something?

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