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High Street Mixed-Use Development Received Well by Downtown Commission

Walker Evans Walker Evans High Street Mixed-Use Development Received Well by Downtown CommissionRenderings via Kephart.
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Earlier this month, the Edwards Companies submitted a development proposal to the Downtown Commission for review, which calls for the construction of a new interconnected six-story building on High Street. Today, the Downtown Commission met to review the proposal.

“They received it pretty well, and had some suggestions on how to get more mass up toward High Street,” said Kim Ulle, President at Eclipse Real Estate Group, a division of The Edwards Companies. “The Commission wants us to be more contemporary in design than we even are right now, but that was about it.”

Many comments on Columbus Underground that followed the original announcement noted that the project seemed too short for Downtown at only six stories tall, but Ulle added that the Commission expressed little concern with the height of the building.

“At the corners of the building, it’s 85 to 90 feet tall from grade level,” she said, noting that a future addition slated on the north end of the site could grow even taller.

“That addition would be more apartments or a hotel,” said Jeff Edwards, President of Edwards Companies. “If we build a hotel there, it will certainly be taller.”


In its current state, the building would contain 164 apartment units, three floors of concealed parking and 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Edwards said that retail use would be determined by by the market, but he’s hoping to see traditional retail returning to Downtown with this development.

“We’d like to keep food uses down just because that’s all we seem to get on High Street,” he stated. “We’d like to maybe only have one cafe between Gay Street and Long Street, but maybe that’s just a pie in the sky thought.”

Ulle stated that they plan to likely return to the Downtown Commission sometime in the next 60 to 90 days for approval, and they hope to break ground on construction by the end of the year. Edwards added that he expects the project to take 21 to 24 months to build out.

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