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Please browse through the information here to find answers to the most common questions we get. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help.

Q: I want to write for Columbus Underground! How can I submit a news item, article or review?

A: We accept user/community written content for publishing consideration. We are looking for honest agenda-free content written by third-party objective writers. Send a message and pitch us your idea and we'll be in touch.

Q: How do I submit a Letter to the Editor?

A: Columbus Underground welcomes Letters to the Editor. We encourage a diverse range of voices and views to highlight issues of community concern. Letters should be around 200 words, and will include your name and email address. We can also include a photo and a short bio of the author. Send a message with your letter and we'll be in touch with next steps.

Q: Can I reference news stories I've found on other websites in my comments?

A: You can post links to other news stories as you participate in discussion, but we ask that you always give proper credit to the original publication, only use a small snippet quote from the story and provide a link to where you found the story, so that we can direct our visitors to the proper place to legally read the story in its entirety.

Q: Can you send you my organization's press release on Columbus Underground?

A: Maybe. It ultimately depends on how relevant the event or information is to our visitors. Feel free to send us anything you like, and we'll gladly take it all into consideration.

Q: How can I  submit my events to Columbus Underground's Event Calendar?

A: Go to columbusunderground.com/events and click on Submit My Event. Submitted events go into our queue and will be approved with a day or two.

Q: Something I wrote in my comments was deleted. Why did that happen?

A: Generally, when content is deleted it is due to a violation of our Terms of Service agreement. Columbus Underground is a moderate community. We do not tolerate spam, personal attacks, personal insults, pornographic or obscene images, hate speech or other types of abusive or malicious content. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Occasionally, something may appear to have been deleted, but was actually just moved to a different area. Try searching for your content to see if it has just been relocated.

If you feel something was deleted in error, or have questions about our moderation politics, feel free to contact us directly.

Q: How do I add an image to a news post?

A: You use standard HTML to post an image. The formatting should look something like this:

<img src="http://www.samplewebsite.com/folder/imagename.jpg">

You'll have to have a place to host the photo online, such as Flickr or Facebook. Upload the photo there first and link to it on Columbus Underground.

Q: How do I post a YouTube video into my comment?

A: Just copy the URL from the YouTube page for the video and paste it into your post. That's it. No extra formatting required. It should look something like this:


This will also work for the following video sites: Vimeo, GameTrailers, Google Video, FunnyOrDie, CollegeHumor, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and a few others.

Q: How can I advertise my business/products/events on Columbus Underground?

A: Our standard advertising information can be found here.

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