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Help Improve Columbus Underground – Take Our Survey!

Walker Evans Walker Evans Help Improve Columbus Underground – Take Our Survey!
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Here at Columbus Underground, we’re always looking for ways that we can improve what we do. We regularly solicit feedback from our readers in a variety of fashions, and we pay close attention to the types of stories, articles and news that are well read and well shared throughout the community.

Another way that we look to improve is by learning more about who specifically our readers are and what types of things interest them the most. Some of this information we can gather automatically through tools like Google Analytics, while other data is softer, and we ask for it through our biennial Demographic Survey, which is going live today.

We ask for your help by taking five to ten minutes in filling out the survey honestly and thoroughly. All information gathered is done so anonymously, and will be used only for internal purposes at Columbus Underground and never resold to third parties.

CLICK HERE to take the survey! And thanks in advance for your help with improving CU!

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This year’s Urban Living Tour event has been postponed due to COVID-19, but will be returning later this summer!

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