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Heartfelt Yoga Opens Wide with Karma and Pride

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Heartfelt Yoga Opens Wide with Karma and PrideYogis enjoying a black self-care soiree with Heartfelt Yoga at Mayme Moore Park. Photo by Reel Hoot Productions.
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“Beautiful!” is the guiding word at Heartfelt Yoga, where beauty is found in every size, shape and color. The studio re-opens for in-person classes on June 28, 2020, but the Heartfelt yogis have not been idle! The studio has been holding online classes and helping with events consistent with their mission of inclusion, such as a Black Self-care Soiree. The studio will also reopen with a lovely new mural by Tobi Ewing.

“The goal of this piece is to connect, to create conversation, and to empower people of all types,” says owner Vinny Purtle. “To truly celebrate humans and souls of various body shapes and sizes, races, gender identities, sexualities, and the like”.

Purtle is what is great about American yoga: he is all out compassion and fun. As a yoga instructor, Purtle is right there, sweating along with everyone, and wanting everyone to be involved and be happy.  Heartfelt Yoga is located in the Short North and it has an outsized number of teachers who are POC and LGBTQIA+. 

Detail of mural by artist Tobi Ewing for Heartfelt Yoga.
Photo by Ash Tree Images

Due to recent events, Heartfelt Yoga put out a community fundraising call and sold unique cropped hoodies based on Ewing’s mural. Over $5,000 was raised to donate directly to individuals, businesses and causes supporting liberation in the Black and LGBTQIA+ community.

“Thank you for believing in our mission of inclusion with action,” says Purtle. “I have immense gratitude for all. It all helps.”

Heartfelt Yoga recently partnered with Seventh Son, Spoonful Records and other businesses to put on a Black Self-care Soiree.  As Ibram I. Kendi has said, “You have to be in the struggle for the long haul, so you have to take care of yourself.”  On June 15, 2020, Black folx gathered at Mayme Moore Park for hours of yoga, mediation and other nurturing activities.  

Purtle has been rocking the COVID-19 lockdown with online flow yoga classes inspired by black and queer culture. A Beyoncé flow class attracted over 60 people!

Heartfelt Yoga is re-opening the studio space on June 28, 2020. To be safely social distant, classes are limited to seven people in the studio, however, online classes will continue.

For more information, visit Heartfelt Yoga at yogaheartfeltstudio.com

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