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Resolving to Establish a Positive Outlook in 2016

Lori DePietro-Standen Lori DePietro-Standen Resolving to Establish a Positive Outlook in 2016
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Did you know that you have a script running in your head at all times? It’s that little voice in the background of your day telling you that you can or can’t do something. It’s about “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, preconceived judgments, and self-fulfilling prophecies. And most of the time, it’s a stream of negativity without any basis in the facts of the matter at hand. It’s about your past experiences, fears, and most likely the messages you received as a child about who you were and how the world should be perceived.

Have you ever thought of something you really wanted to do and then immediately thought, “I’ll never have the willpower,” or “I’ll never have the courage,” or “I’ll never have the money,” or “That would never work out for me”? Those are limiting beliefs, and their job is to stop you in your tracks before you even get started. We all have them. They tell us that we’re too heavy and we’ll never be thin, that we’ll never have enough money to live the life we want, that we’re not good enough to get that promotion, that we won’t succeed if we leave our comfort zone to pursue that dream career, or that we’ll never have a healthy relationship. And guess what? You’re buying it… hook, line and sinker. Your limiting beliefs are limiting your happiness and success because you’re on auto-pilot and they are running the show. Science has proven that thoughts have their own signal, like radio waves, and all that negative thinking is heading out into the universe making your worst fears a reality. How can you put a stop to this madness and live your life consciously and with intention?

First, identify the limiting beliefs. Try a simple exercise to pinpoint some of your problem scripts by writing down the following words, labeled 1-15, on a sheet of paper: Relationships are, Work is, Marriage is, Children are, Money is, Health is, Family is, I am, Physically I am, Mentally I am, Emotionally I am, Professionally I am, My life is, My best qualities are, I have a hard time when, I am happiest when. Then fill out each answer, working quickly by writing down what first comes to mind without delving too deeply into thought. You’ll be intrigued and surprised by your answers.

Then, identify any limiting beliefs and flip the script. Write down the empowering belief you want to use to replace the limiting belief, and every time you hear that negative script running, replace it with the positive one. For instance, if you wrote down “I am fat,” you could replace that with “I am vibrant and committed to a healthy body.” Similarly, “I will never make enough money” could be replaced with “My work is appreciated and money flows to me abundantly.”

Next, focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled. If you wrote down that creativity makes you happy but there’s no outlet for that in your life right now, you’re most likely feeling like something’s missing. Write down some actionable steps you can take to get that fulfillment flowing, and set a time table so it actually gets underway.

Last, scrap the tired New Year’s “resolutions” and set your intention instead. Moving forward with a detailed plan, a laser-like vision and faith in your inherent greatness and newfound empowerment will propel you forward in the coming year. Prepare to succeed in 2016!

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