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Headies Hideout Now Open on Parsons Avenue

Walker Evans Walker Evans Headies Hideout Now Open on Parsons AvenuePhotos by Walker Evans.
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If you’ve strolled down Parsons Avenue in Olde Towne East recently, then you may have noticed that a long-time thrift shop has been replaced by a head shop. Headie’s Hideout is the newest business to call the area home, having opened to the public on April 11th.

“Our soft opening last month was surprisingly busy, so we were really happy about that,” said co-owner Brian Griggs. “I’m originally from Cincinnati, and it’s been a great experience to come up here to find that Olde Towne East is a community that takes care of each other. Even if a head shop is not your thing, we’ve had a lot of people stopping by just to check us out.”

In addition to glass pipes — which Griggs says range from $17.99 to $1,500 — Headie’s sells eCigarettes, vaporizers and other accessories. He said that having a shop like this in the central city was something that was lacking.

“I came up to Columbus a few years ago on a weekend and I had some money in my pocket and I wanted a nice pipe,” he said. “I  drove around for awhile, and after hitting seven different shops, I came back with no nice pipe and the money still in my pocket. So, we decided to open a head shop.”

Griggs and his business partner Jeff settled upon a spot in Olde Towne East after realizing that all other head shops in Columbus were either located in the University District, or in suburban strip mall locations. The 1000 square foot storefront at 114 Parsons Avenue required a lot of work to clean out and clean up, but the duo managed to get it turned around and opened in just one month’s time.

“Before we even took possession of the space we talked with all of our neighbors — Upper Cup, Ron & Cara at Carabar, the guys at Old Familiar — and made sure everyone was comfortable with what we were doing,” said Jeff. “We wanted everyone to know we weren’t opening something seedy, and everyone thought it was a good idea.”

Headie’s is open seven days a week, from 10am to 10pm Monday through Saturday, and Noon to 8pm on Sundays.

“We really want people to come in, hang out and check us out, even if you’re not in the market,” said Jeff. “Come meet us and see what we’re doing.”

For more information, visit www.headieshideout.com.

Photos by Walker Evans.






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