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Harvest Pizzeria Closes Grandview Heights Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans Harvest Pizzeria Closes Grandview Heights LocationPhoto by Mollie Lyman.
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After less than a year of operation, Harvest Pizzeria has closed its Grandview Heights location. The small shop opened at 1099 W. First Ave. in the former Old Bag of Nails space last summer.

“We tried a new concept with Butcher & Grocer and the building just wasn’t big enough to pull both off,” stated Harvest founder Chris Crader via email on Friday evening.

Crader responded to an inquiry for more details today by stating “all I can say is we are closed for remodeling and something very cool is in the works.”

Butcher & Grocer owner Tony Tanner didn’t have any further details to share on the mystery project over the weekend. His meat-centric shop opened next door at 1089 W. First Ave. in 2016.

Stay tuned to CU for more updates as this story unfolds.

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