Harvest Bar & Kitchen Coming Soon to Clintonville

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Harvest Bar & Kitchen Coming Soon to Clintonville
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When Harvest Pizzeria opened their doors two years ago, they were at the forefront of the gourmet pizza scene in Columbus. Since then, a host of other pizza boutiques have sprung up, elevating the humble pie with crazy combinations of ingredients and complex house-made sauces.

Harvest Pizzeria is still at the top of this food chain, so much so that they are expanding. Harvest Bar & Kitchen will be opening in the old Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe space at 2885 North High Street.

The expansion to Clintonville is one that owner Chris Crader anticipated undergoing in Fall 2014, especially given the work associated with another one of his current projects, The Sycamore, which is slated to open at the end of this summer. But timing is everything in this business, and when the opportunity to work with the right people at the right time came along, Crader couldn’t refuse.

“I used to live in Clintonville for four years, and absolutely love the community,” says Crader. “With The Sycamore about to open, we felt it best to put off any other project until the wheels were running on that. However, with the addition of some great new management to our team, we feel comfortable and confident with both.”

The new location is twice that of Harvest Pizzeria in German Village, which is a meager 1,200 square feet. The kitchen is much larger as well, which means that the Harvest Bar & Kitchen will be bolstering their menu with the addition of killer sandwiches, awesome burgers and veggie burgers, and more charcuterie, in addition to the outrageous pizzas and salads for which they’re already known.

They will still be committed to exclusively using the freshest organic and locally-sustainable ingredients in signature items like the Ohio Double Bacon, Almond Pesto, and Spicy Yuma Pizza Pies. In addition, diners will be able to wash down their meal with a cold beer or a trademark Curio cocktail.

“I really fell like Clintonville shares a lot of similar values as Harvest,” adds Crader. “We hope to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.”

Harvest Bar & Kitchen is scheduled for opening this fall.

For more information, visit www.harvestpizzeria.com.

Photo by Jennifer René of Jennifer René Photography.

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