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Happy Little Treats Finds a New Home in the Short North

Susan Post Susan Post Happy Little Treats Finds a New Home in the Short NorthHappy Little Treats is once again open in the Short North - Photos by Susan Post
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Vegan bakery Happy Little Treats may have moved a mere 350 feet south in the Short North, but the new address opens up a world of possibilities for the operation.

Happy Little Treats is now open at 1203 N. High St., the former home of the Short North Coffee House.

An expiring lease and a need for more space put Happy Little Treats on the move, says Owner Erin Hall.

“The new shop is at least four times larger than the old space which gives us much more space to produce and a much larger customer area as well,” Hall says.

The bakery hopes to add some indoor seating by summer. Hall is excited about the possibilities in utilizing the additional square footage for customers, and encourages folks to stop in, vegan or not.

In addition to its vegan treats spanning poptarts and pastries to cookies and cakes, the new space will see the bakery expand into more savory options and breads as well.

“We also have a much more expansive coffee menu than the old Short North location,” Hall adds.

Happy Little Treats was able to utilize the coffee equipment from its former location in Upper Arlington, 1962 N. Mallway Dr., which closed in mid-May.

As timing would have it, leases on both of Happy Little Treats’ previous spaces ended at the same time, giving Hall space to make a decision about the future of the business in the midst of the pandemic.

“If COVID never happened, we may have kept the space, but with the uncertainty and getting so much of our business from the school in the Mallway, we decided to just use the lease ending as a way to combine both of our spaces into the new Short North location,” Hall says.

Hall says that many of their wholesale accounts remaining active helped carry the bakery through the pandemic. Happy Little Treats’ goodies can be found at several coffee shops around town.

Initially, Happy Little Treats will be open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, with plans to expand hours in the near future.

For more information, visit happylittletreatsbakery.com.

Photos by Susan Post

Hall plans to jazz up the exterior in the spring, painting their logo above the door
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