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Growl! Opens in Clintonville

Walker Evans Walker Evans Growl! Opens in ClintonvilleAll photos via Growl!.
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Clintonville residents and visitors alike will soon have another way to keep their growlers filled and refilled with fresh craft beer. Growl! is the name of the new shop at 2995 North High Street, which is hosting their official grand opening tomorrow.

“There’s a lot of beer out there,”  says Growl! co-founder Phil Hamilton. “What we think is missing is the service component. Wine stores tend to treat product in a different way than beer stores — with more service and support. So we’re building upon that need for for good service and knowledgeable employees.”
To that end, Growl! will feature 41 beers on tap from a wide range of local, regional and national craft breweries. Their current licenses allows them to offer samples at the bar, and they plan to soon sell beer by the pint glass once additional licensing is approved.

Guests at Growl! will notice a lot of warm wood decor and an environment conductive to hanging out and getting to know fellow customers and employees.


“We want to feel more like a coffee shop than a retail store,” explains Hamilton. “You can get a piece of falafel from next door at Lavash and try some beer. We want people to feel at home while we cater to the quality of the product.”

Hamilton along with business partner Jonathan Kindsvatter have worked in the beer, wine and food industries for a collective 40 years. Their knowledge as wine buyers, beverage managers and restaurant managers has provided them with a deep understanding of how best to operate a new startup like Growl!. The business partners also both live in the Clintonville neighborhood, which is what made this retail location ideal for both of them.

growl-columbus-logo“We’ve had this idea for a long time and thought the location was great despite Savor Growl having already opened before us,” Hamilton says. “Even though there are other places to get growlers filled, we think there’s enough room for all of us. We’re also really excited about the corridor we’re a part of that includes the new Harvest Cafe, Local Cantina and Angry Bear.”

Since soft opening two weeks ago, Hamilton says that specific beers have already proven themselves as fan favorite. He says that their keg of Bodhi from the Columbus Brewing Company was the first one to tap out, followed by a Hoof Hearted’s Sidepipin’ and the Plead The 5th Imperial Stout from Dark Horse Brewing.

“We’ve been operating under the radar for the past two weeks to make sure our systems are working perfectly,” he adds. “Tomorrow’s grand opening will feature special pricing on all glassware, aggressively priced beers and some light snacks from our neighbors including Lavash, Gatto’s and Pattycake Bakery.”

For more information, visit www.growlcolumbus.com

All photos via Growl!.

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