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8 New Restaurant & Bar Patios to Check Out This Summer

Walker Evans Walker Evans 8 New Restaurant & Bar Patios to Check Out This SummerPhoto via RAM Brewing.
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Summer has officially started. Which means that dining al fresco is in full swing (that is, if you haven’t already begun partaking in the patio options during the warm weather thus far). While everyone already has a favorite patio or two on standby, we thought it might be a good time to highlight a few of the newer restaurant and bar patios in Columbus that were not around last season.

Below you’ll find eight great new additions to visit this summer, and be sure to share any others you have on your radar in the comments at the bottom.

Cosecha Cocina

This new Mexican eatery opened its doors in Italian Village back in March, which means that their patio is one of the newest in town. Located on the east side of the building, this one is likely more ideal during the late afternoon hours on a hot day when you don’t want to be in the direct sun while downing tacos y margaritas.

For more info, visit www.cosechacocina.com.

Grandview Cafe

While the Grandview Cafe isn’t exactly a new restaurant in the purest sense of the word, it did get a major overhaul under new ownership and was closed for long enough to make its grand reopening in May something worth celebrating. As before, this bar/restaurant features a double-decker patio with both levels featuring some degree of cover, which provides a great option for shade on the hottest summer days.

For more info, visit www.grandviewcafe.com.

Watershed Kitchen & Bar

Watershed Distillery launched their new kitchen and bar addition back in January, which was well before patio season officially began. Now, you can take in a cocktail or their full dinner menu outdoors while relaxing in a semi-shaded environment to help keep you cool.

For more info, visit www.watersheddistillery.com.

Rooks Tavern

University District BBQ hot spot Rooks Tavern officially got its start back in November, which was just a bit too cold to treat it as a new patio for 2016. And now that school is out at OSU, you can glide in to check out their patio without fear of being overrun by the student body (and it certainly makes parking a whole lot easier).

UPDATE: Rooks Tavern has closed, as of July 18, 2017.

For more info, visit www.rookstavern.com.


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