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Grandview Grind Replaces Caribou Coffee

Walker Evans Walker Evans Grandview Grind Replaces Caribou Coffee
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The Caribou Coffee located on Grandview Avenue closed several months ago, but the phoenix has already risen from the ashes in the form of Grandview Grind. Former Caribou manager Samantha DeMint is the brains behind the new business, which is located in the same shopping plaza as her former store.

“I worked for Caribou for almost six years and I fell in love with not just coffee but this community,” says DeMint. “I built relationships with regulars at Caribou and when the word was out that the Grandview location was closing, I was also in the process of graduating from Ohio State, so the timing seemed right to open my own store.”

The Grind features a mix of products from local roasteries including Café Brioso and Backroom Roasters, as well as Boston Stoker’s in Dayton and NOVO in Colorado. The cafe also features food items from local bakeries, which includes gourmet cupcakes, fresh fruit and “pie in a cup”.

Grandview is a neighborhood already well served by local coffee shops, including popular independents like Luck Bros’ and Stauf’s, but DeMint says that there’s more than enough customers to go around.

“I’m able to start with a base of people from the community that I had grown to care about, and then continue to reach out to more and more of Grandview,” she explains. “I feel like my concept is different from other coffee shops in the area.”

More information can be found online at www.grandviewgrind.com.

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