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Gotcha Gachapon Relocates Japanese Arcade to Larger Space

Lauren Verhage Lauren Verhage Gotcha Gachapon Relocates Japanese Arcade to Larger SpacePhotos by Ethan Hellstrom.
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Gotcha Gachapon opened their doors in the Short North last October, but this October they’re calling a different space their new home. The Japanese arcade has made its way to a larger location at 195 East Fifth Avenue with a mass variety of games, and even a store that offers collectables and other fun merchandise.

What once started out as a passion has turned into a growing opportunity for founders Anthony Locke and Shane Mack. They have collected games that mostly have been imported from over seas, and also picked up throughout different states and places.

“We have had a really good response,” said Mack. “We’re bringing something fun and lively to the area, so a lot of locals are stopping by.”

The new arcade is open seven days a week, from noon to midnight. It’s ten dollars for admission for all day play, and once you are in you can come and go as you please. You can also bring in your own food and drink, which is really popular with customers. The venue is spacious and offers a huge assortment of games that are not usually seen in other arcades.

The duo has a lot planned for the future of Gotcha Gachapon. They plan on expanding the venue making room for a cafe. They’re also working on getting events together and card gaming nights. They have a game room that you can rent out for free as long as you have about ten or more people. It is a great place to host a party or have a birthday, and you can bring your own food and drink for events as well.

The team are still getting their feet on the ground, but have a lot of great plans and ideas for Gotcha Gachapons future.

“You have to start somewhere, and we have been growing along with the space,” said Mack.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/ggpon.

All photos by Ethan Hellstrom.













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