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GoreMade Mobile Pizza Oven Coming Soon to an Event Near You

Walker Evans Walker Evans GoreMade Mobile Pizza Oven Coming Soon to an Event Near You
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There are many valid reasons as to why someone wants to start their own business, but the true mark of passion comes from someone who is taking a personal interest and turning it into something more than just a hobby. Nick Gore is one Columbus local that is currently attempting that transition. He’s customer modified a mobile wood-fired oven, developed recipes over the last half-decade, and is launching GoreMade Pizza as a result.

We recently spoke with Nick for a Q&A about his pizza operations. You can find out about his pizza below, and more about his business startup in the other half of the interview at The Metropreneur.

Q: First, can you explain to us what exactly GoreMade Pizza is?

A: GoreMade Pizza is a mobile Wood Fired Pizza business that allows me to take my love of pizza where ever it needs to go. I make everything by hand, including mixing and stretching the dough. I choose local and organic ingredients when ever probable, supporting the Clintonville community every chance I get. I’m still jumping through some hoops to meet the requirements for Columbus Public Health, but plan on kicking it into high gear this summer.

Q: When did you first fall in love with pizza?

A: Like most Americans, I’ve been a pizza lover all my life. I worked different pizza shops through high school and college to stay afloat and keep fed. But it wasn’t until I gained a healthy respect for food in general that I started taking pizza making seriously. I spent a year and a half working at Alana’s Food and Wine as a dishwasher/prep guy out of sheer desperation for a paying job. Working there helped me appreciate fresh, local, quality ingredients. Before Alana’s, I only cooked things out of a box. Watching their creativity and passion for food is what eventually got me on the mission to create my own version of pizza. I’m an artist at heart, and pizza is my medium of creativity. The possibilities are endless!

Q: How would you describe your style of pizza?

A: My brain has always had trouble classifying things, and pizza is no exception. There was never a specific pizza I wanted to emulate. My goal has always been to make the best pizza possible, and, as with any artistic venture, it’s really an endless journey. From Pepperoni to Dungeness crab and Chipotle Aioli, if I can get it to work on a pizza, I’m game!

To sum up as best as I can: It’s GoreMade, as in it’s made by me, Nick Gore. It’s hand made, as in all the dough is made without the use of machines. And it’s made with love, as in my love for the art of pizza making in a wood fired oven is what drives me. Beyond that, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Q: What types of events have you appeared at thus far, and how has the reception been so far?

A: I’ve been hosting pizza Sundays at my house for the last five or six years to hone in my pizza skills and building an ever-growing fan base. We’ve hosted anywhere from two to 30 or more people and it keeps getting bigger. I’ve also been a competitor in the annual Pizza Pizzazz competition here in Columbus. As for mobility, I’ve only had my wood fired oven long enough to learn the ropes before it went into the Columbus Idea Foundry for a make-over. I just got it back a couple weeks ago for a test drive. I took it to Via Vecchia Winery off of Front Street for an event and all of the thirty-something people in attendance were thoroughly impressed. I got several requests to do graduation parties, and one fan even made a commercial out of some video she shot at the event and put it on youtube! People are really getting behind what I’m trying to do. It’s all very humbling.

Q: Where can our readers find GoreMade in the near future?

A: Along with Facebook and Twitter, I keep a blog of all my successes, failures and updates. Once approved by the Health Department, I’ll be doing various events around Columbus, keeping it small in the beginning. Look for GoreMade Pizza at local bars in the near future! I’m also set to do catered events for any occasion. Contact me at [email protected] for more details.

To read more about the business operations of GoreMade Pizza, CLICK HERE.

More information can be found online at www.goremadepizza.com.

Photo of Nick Gore provided by Chris Walker Photography. Chris Walker works as a on-Location commercial photographer working with corporate, advertising, and editorial clients. If you would like to connect with Chris Walker Photography, email [email protected], or visit www.CWalkerPhotography.com.

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