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GOP Candidates Announced for Mayor & City Council

Walker Evans Walker Evans GOP Candidates Announced for Mayor & City Council
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The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Republican candidates for this year’s Mayoral and City Council elections have been announced, though the Franklin County Republican Party website still shows a “coming soon” placeholder. The candidates for the race include:

  • Earl W. Smith for Mayor
  • Matthew Ferris for City Council
  • Alicia Healy for City Council
  • Joseph A. Healy for City Council
  • Daryl Hennessy for City Council

Up for re-election in November is Mayor Michael B. Coleman, City Council President Andrew Ginther, and both newly appointed City Council members Michelle Mills and Zachary Klein who will be running to keep their appointed positions.

We’ll be learning a lot more about these candidates over the next 10 months. Does anyone have any early predictions, thoughts or questions you’d like to hear answered by the GOP challengers?

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