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Glasses Up: Seventh Son Brewing

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Glasses Up: Seventh Son Brewing
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For many, we live in the great age of Craft Beer, a time when we the choices for premium, small-batch brews are at an all time high, and the domestic swill of the previous century is all but forgotten. Columbus has seamlessly transitioned into this sort of state, as there have never been more artisan beer makers than there are now. Among them, Seventh Son Brewing, whose brewers, Vladamir Ponomarev (left) and Colin Vent (right) are veterans in the beer and restaurant fields.

Seventh Son Brewing began as an idea hatched over a cold one, and since the launch of its own beers on April 20th, folks have been flocking in for the unique combination of flavors and techniques these guys employ.

The House specialty is the Seventh Son American Strong Ale, a 7.7% abv concoction that’s by far the most popular on the list. The beer is billed as a “ruddy amber”, but drinks like an IPA. It’s bold and aggressive in its flavor, with a pronounced bitter finish that will please true fans of IPA-type beers.

The Seventh Son American Strong complements heavier foods, like fried anything or a good, greasy burger quite well, and with its relatively high abv, it’s the kind of beer that sneaks up and bites you before you even know it.

My favorite of the group is the Stone Fort Oat Brown, “a toasty brown ale with a round full mouthfeel”. Despite it indeed being full-bodied, this beer is light and crisp with a slightly bitter finish that mellowed into a subtle sweetness I didn’t expect. The flavor doesn’t linger in the mouth, so by the time I was done with one sip, I was ready for another.

The caramel notes of this brew aren’t cloying either, adding a really awesome smokiness that makes this beer, at a respectable 5.25%abv, a solid choice for beer aficionados and detractors alike.

The third offering I tried was the Spring Sheep Stout, and I would call this an acquired taste. On the plus side, it’s incredibly nuanced. Upon sipping, the waves of complexity keep coming and coming, almost forcing you into another quick sip to validate what it is you’re tasting.

The layers are several, and they run the gamut from sweet to pungent, which may or may not be a good thing. It contains notes of “dark unsweetened bakers chocolate fading into a lingering carob and licorice finish”, which could be off-putting for some. For a stout, it’s not that heavy, or that predictable. At the very least, this beer isn’t boring, but it’s not one I think most folks would fancy as a favorite.

Seventh Son Brewing also features other local and regional  craft brewers, and are currently working on summer brews to keep the masses happy. Located at 1101 North Fourth Street, this novel establishment is part of a crusade to imbue some much needed life into the Eastern corridor of the Italian Village. They’ve got the space, the talent, and already, the loyal customer base to ensure that Seventh Son will be brewing for a long time to come. To become one of the masses, follow them at www.facebook.com/SeventhSonBrewing.

Photo by Logan Miller of www.LCMphoto.org.

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