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Give Diapers This Holiday Season

Jenna Taylor Jenna Taylor Give Diapers This Holiday SeasonPhoto provided by the Columbus Diaper Bank.
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This holiday season, consider giving in an influential manner — one that rises above the overpriced trinkets that mom will never use, and hotter than that disgraceful Christmas-patterned tie dad will never wear. One profound non-profit group, The Columbus Diaper Bank,  is working to provide the community with a necessity that is not so commonly affordable.

It is unknown to many that there is no federal or state assistance programs to provide the public with diapers simply because they are categorized as a hygiene item. This means that in a state where in 2013, 27.3% children qualified for SNAP and 30.6% of children under the age of four qualified for WIC, many parents were left with the demanding cost of diapers, which can range between $100 to $150 monthly. It was these alarming statistics that drove Rachael Moore to form the Columbus Diaper Bank in February 2013.

“Ultimately, our goal is to help close the ‘diaper gap’,” said Mikey Sorboro, board member of the Columbus Diaper Bank. “When those in need have access to services, they begin to do better in life. Diapers are a very basic need for these families, and happier babies means happier families. Families with access to vital services who are getting their basic needs met will be the quickest to exit the grips of poverty.”

On average, a baby needs eight to ten diapers a day, which can amount over 3,600 diapers per year. Last year, The Columbus Diaper Bank donated over 20,000 diapers to families in Columbus.

“The more people out there providing diapers to those who need them, the faster we might see an end to the need for diapers, and hopefully we’ll be out of a job,” Sorboro jokes. “We’re motivated by the countless families that call us or show up at our offices asking for help with diapers, and we’re motivated by the letters we get from those who’ve received diapers from us giving thanks for what we do.”

When asked how the community can help the Columbus Diaper Bank Sorboro stated, “diapers, dollars, and time.” The Columbus Diaper Bank accepts diaper donations of any size and quantity, monetary donations are also accepted, and those interested can host a diaper drive at their favorite business, church or workplace.

The Diaper Bank also encourages community members to set up up their own diaper drop-off locations so that there are more convenient locations for those in need. For more information on donations or volunteer opportunities, contact Rachael Moore at [email protected] or refer to the Diaper Bank’s website at www.columbusdiaperbank.org.

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