Gifts That Give Twice

Anne Evans Anne Evans Gifts That Give Twice
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I have been penning the Holiday Shopping Guide for Columbus Underground for a few years, and it’s always great fun pulling together gifts ideas to make people smile. This year, I’m adding some bonus ideas – gifts that give twice. These are gifts that you can give and the company will then make a donation to a great cause.

When Mark Swanson, President of Stauf’s Coffee Roasters reached out to me for ideas on how the new Stauf’s location inside of the North Market could make an impact on the immediate community, suggesting a partnership with the neighborhood Columbus City School was easy. The Hubbard Mastery School is where my own children attend and I know they are in a great place getting a great education and at the same time, they are making friends from all backgrounds. But there is work to be done here. There are many children in this school that do not have many opportunities and we are working to make sure that at school, every child has opportunities.

A partnership with Stauf’s in the North Market is an exciting opportunity for the school. It’s not your regular school fundraiser – it is coffee beans that many of you probably buy on a regular basis, for yourself, for friends, or for your office. You can be a part of this and all you have to do is stop in the North Market Stauf’s on Wednesday, December 10 through Monday, December 15 and purchase whole bean bulk coffee. For every pound of whole bean bulk coffee sold over this time period, Stauf’s will donate $5 to the Hubbard Mastery School. (Stauf’s German Village will be supporting the German Village Society and Stauf’s Grandview will be supporting the Grandview Public Library). You have the chance to make a lasting impact on nearly 350 children to give them experiences that were previously out of reach. They will play musical instruments. They will all have the supplies they need. The entire fifth grade will get to experience camp.

When Land Grant Brewing came to their new building over the weekend and saw it had been vandalized, it was upsetting. But they didn’t let that get them down for long. They decided to take the situation and use it to “shine a light” on their neighbors, The Gladden Community House and The Harmony Project who work to benefit Franklinton and Columbus every day.

They took the vandalized logo and turned it into a t-shirt design where 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Gladden Community House and the Harmony Project.

If you have somebody on your list that has everything they want, or maybe is hard to buy for, the Charitable Gift Cards through The Columbus Foundation make it easy. The cards never expire, the recipient can choose from 600 local groups, and 100 percent of the gift card amount goes to the chosen organization.

Community Shares of Mid Ohio has a similar Give Card.

Paradise Garage has a special “Lady Gnar Shredders” blend of Brioso Coffee for $10 with all money supporting the Lady Gnar Shredders – our local women’s competitive cycling team.

When I think of the reasons I love living in Columbus, it always comes down to how great the community is here. People are so generous with their time and money and it lifts everyone up. The power of giving is amazing and it’s always happening here in Columbus. Happy Holidays.

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