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German Village Hotel Proposal Shrinks

Brent Warren Brent Warren German Village Hotel Proposal ShrinksThe latest proposal for the corner is shorter than the previous one. Renderings by Moody Nolan and Edge.
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The German Village Commission will soon weigh in on yet another revision of a proposal to build a boutique hotel at the corner of Livingston and City Park avenues.

The latest plan calls for the new building to top out at 55 feet in height, about seven feet shorter than a proposal that was brought before the commission in October. That proposal also called for renovating a barn-shaped building, at 485 City Park Ave., that is now proposed for demolition (the small building that faces the street, however, at 489 City Park Ave., would still be preserved).

As in previous proposals, most of the new hotel would sit on land that currently holds a surface parking lot and a one-story office building (at 31-35 E. Livingston Ave.), which would be demolished.

An underground parking garage would utilize car lifts in order to accommodate 135 cars, meaning no parking variance would be required for the project. Three other zoning variances would be needed, though, according to application materials – one for height (the building is in a 35-foot height zone), one to forgo a separate loading space, and a third to reduce the setback distance along Livingston Avenue.

Developer Michael Casey – along with the project’s current architect, Moody Nolan – will get a chance to make their case for the newest design at tomorrow’s commission meeting. It’ll mark the latest of several attempts, dating back to the spring of 2018, at finding a plan for the site that the neighborhood can agree on.

For more information on the German Village Commission, visit www.columbus.gov.

A rendering shows the City Park Avenue side of the development, with the current proposal (above) contrasted with the previous design from October (below).
This view is from the corner of Livingston and Pearl. Again, the current proposal (above) is contrasted with the previous design from October (below).
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