GCAC Presents: Behind the Scenes of ArtZine

 Jamison Pack GCAC Presents: Behind the Scenes of ArtZine
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If art is your business or passion, then chances are you’ve heard of WOSU Public Media’s ArtZine. It’s a fun, behind-the-scenes look at the arts world in central Ohio. And if you know ArtZine, chances are you know about the woman who puts it all together—Cindy Gaillard.

“It’s the best job ever. I get to talk to artists all day,” says Producer Cindy Gaillard. “I love the people. I love the arts too, but I’m just an average Joe trying to figure out what’s interesting in the arts. It’s the diversity in people, their skills and experiences, and passion that I admire most.

Soon after graduating from high school, Gaillard walked into the local ABC affiliate in Albuquerque, NM and started volunteering. A couple of years later, she was earning a living doing what she loved best—telling stories with the help of a camera.

Cindy’s preoccupation with storytelling through video was a passion ignited early in life, “My dad attracted me to the visuals through his love of photography. I also found I liked the tactical sensation of the camera, especially old ones with their weightiness.”

While Gaillard might consider herself average, she’s hardly that. She’s scored numerous Emmys—four of which have come through her work on ArtZine. “WOSU Public Media has really made an effort to be the arts and culture [TV and radio] station in Columbus. It is important to us to help arts organizations really shine.” Gaillard says what sets WOSU apart is WOSU’s ability to take the time and energy to get to know the arts organizations by developing long-term relationships.

Her commitment shows. What used to be a once-a-month production recently evolved into ongoing mini-productions now accessible online, a decision made by WOSU and funding partner Greater Columbus Arts Council.

“It was like pulling together a performance, a long performance,” Gaillard says of the previous production schedule. Now ArtZine production is much faster. Rather than tying five features together in one half-hour show, Gaillard now produces three-minute features that pop up on WOSU TV and instantly online. “The accessibility [of the Internet] allows anyone to come in and experience the arts, and now we can bring people into the fold much more quickly. It’s a whole new world to me and I’m loving it.”

Catch ArtZine online. Have a story idea for Cindy? Send her an Email.

GCAC Presents is a bi-weekly column brought to you by the Greater Columbus Arts Council – supporting art and advancing culture in Columbus – in partnership with the Columbus Arts Marketing Association, a professional development and networking association of arts marketers. Each column will be written by a different local arts organization to give you an insiders look at the arts in Columbus.

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