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GCAC Presents: 50 Years of COSI

Jaclyn Reynolds Jaclyn Reynolds GCAC Presents: 50 Years of COSI
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Explosions. Rats playing basketball. Static electricity making your hair stand straight up. Getting creeped out by the coal mine. Camp-ins with friends. No matter what stands out most in your memory, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating 50 years of what makes us uniquely COSI.

March 29th marks our 50th Anniversary and we want you to join the fun! Whether you send us your personal COSI story or attend the festivities, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in a way that is uniquely yours.

We love hearing your favorite memories of COSI or how COSI has inspired you. That’s why we’re gathering memories, photos, and videos via #MyCOSIStory. We’re using them to make a digital scrapbook that you can be a part of. Submit your story at cosi.org/mycosistory!


Bring the kiddos on March 29th to explore exhibits old and new. It will be an extra-special COSI day full of fun and surprises, including a HUGE announcement at 10:30am. (SPOILER ALERT: Just kidding, I can’t say just yet!)

While you’re here, don’t miss “50 Years of COSI,” an exhibition designed to help you walk down memory lane in the Columbus Historical Society at COSI. Find out how one person’s lifelong interest in science and technology inspired the beginning of COSI and even step inside a re-creation of the elevator from the old Coal Mine exhibit.

Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones at our alumni luncheon honoring those who have been a part of our growth and change over the years. Whether you’re a founding family member, current or past team member, or former COSI kid who was inspired to pursue an interest in science, we’d love to have you there!


In addition to a great lunch, attendees will journey through COSI’s history, guest-star in a special COSI experience, take a guided tour of the building, and participate in the public celebration. Both adults and children are welcome to attend this event.

If you prefer an evening without the kids, join us at Blast! This 21+ party will launch you through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s with great food, music, and dancing. What sounds like more fun…listening to Shucking Bubba Deluxe and Hat Trick playing live or singing along with an 80’s themed karaoke DJ? No need to choose.

To join our 50th celebration, visit www.cosi.org/50.

But, the celebration isn’t stopping there. We will have more fun with our 50th throughout the coming year. Keep checking our website at cosi.org for more information. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter at facebook.com/cosiscience or @COSI. We look forward to celebrating with you!

GCAC Presents is a bi-weekly column brought to you by the Greater Columbus Arts Council – supporting art and advancing culture in Columbus – in partnership with the Columbus Arts Marketing Association, a professional development and networking association of arts marketers. Each column will be written by a different local arts organization to give you an insiders look at the arts in Columbus.

Photos by Anne Evans.



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