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Gateway Film Center Commits to World Cinema

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Summer’s not even officially here and already it’s easy to feel a little comic-book-and-superheroed out.

Says Chris Hamel, President and Programmer for the Gateway Film Center, “Even at the film center, sometimes summer can feel a little overwhelming with blockbusters and franchises.”

The antidote? A rich and varied program of international films. Hamel and GFC ramp up their commitment to world cinema this summer, partnering with like-minded stakeholders to showcase films offering a global perspective. Beginning June 1, GFC will play a world cinema title every single day of the year.

“This is not a new commitment,” says Hamel. “We’ve always been committed to screening and bringing the best films from around the world to Columbus. Daily commitment is important so people will know that if you’re looking for something interesting, we’ve always got something onscreen for you.”

The summer’s lineup includes new titles from Claire Denis and Cédric Klapisch, among others. A highlight of the program sees directors Hamé and Ekoué, rappers of the French group La Rumeur, accompanying an exclusive screening of their film Paris Prestige (Les Derniers Parisiens).

“I think it’s more important than ever to make this public commitment, because we’re living in a culture right now where we’re talking about division and building walls, not appreciating people from and in other cultures,” says Hamel.

For this big push, GFC brought in a handful of partners.

“The primary partners are the Ohio State University and its Global Engagement Department, which is going to be bringing groups of international students to see these films once a month at no charge to the students,” says Hamel. “Ohio State will also be sharing schedules, and hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate some of these films into the syllabi of multiple professors.”

GFC has also partnered with the Columbus Council on World Affairs and Greater Columbus Sister Cities International.

“All of these organizations have overlapping missions with the film center, so they should be great partners in supporting our commitment to world cinema,” Hamel says. “What the film center can do is use these films as a conduit for conversation and appreciation of different cultures and certainly demonstrating that there are great films being made outside the United States.”

While the early list showcases mainly work from UK, France and Spain, Hamel says to keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

“As you see the program evolve over the next few months, you’re going to see us trying to program more and more films from parts of the world that maybe don’t get quite as many films screened in the States,” he says. “I’m really proud we’re playing Men Don’t Cry from Bosnia this month and While We Live from Denmark as part of our Tales of Europe program, and we’re going to continue to bring more and more films from parts of the world where there’s not quite as high a volume.”

Programs falling under this umbrella include Tales of Europe, launching in June, as well as the upcoming Hola Mexico, Young French Cinema and Canada Now.

“We are also going to do some retro stuff because in the world of endless content, sometimes you might miss a title or two. We’ll have some exciting news about that in the next few weeks.” Hamel says.

June’s lineup:
• Opening June 1 – LET THE SUNSHINE IN (France)
• Opening June 1 – BEAST (United Kingdom)
• June 2, 4:30 p.m. – BACK TO BURGUNDY (France)
• June 7, 7 p.m. – PARIS PRESTIGE (France)
• Opening June 8 – ON CHESIL BEACH (United Kingdom)
• Opening June 8 – MARY SHELLEY (United Kingdom/Luxembourg)
• Opening June 22 – SUMMER 1993 (Spain)
• Opening June 22 – AMERICAN ANIMALS (United Kingdom)
• Opening June 29 – MOUNTAIN (Australia)
• Opening June 29 – THIS IS CONGO (Congo)

Tales of Europe program:
• June 6 and 9 – DJAM (France)
• June 13 and 16 – WHILE WE LIVE (Denmark)
• June 20 and 23 – KING OF THE BELGIANS (Belgium)
• June 27 and 30 – MEN DON’T CRY (Bosnia, Herzegovina)

Titles in Tales of Europe will screen Wednesdays at 7 p.m., with an encore screening on Saturdays at 2 p.m.

For tickets and information, visit gatewayfilmcenter.org.

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