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Game of Thrones Comedy Show at Kafé Kerouac

Chris Landauer Chris Landauer Game of Thrones Comedy Show at Kafé Kerouac
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On Sunday, April 6th, season 4 of Game of Thrones debuts on HBO. In anticipation of that, on Thursday, April 3rd, Kafé Kerouac will host a Game of Thrones Comedy Show. I spoke with K-K Bracken, the director of the comedy show who, along with Zack Baird, co-wrote the script.

The 75 minute long spoof of Game of Thrones is a “fast paced version of what’s gone on in the three seasons that have aired so far”, Bracken said. Though, “reimagined with more blood, sex, and violence”, Baird added in his description of the event.

Bracken talked about how the comedy show came about.

“Zack and I were part of a big group of friends that watched Game of Thrones Season 3 together last year. We would sit outside after the show and talk about it and we would brainstorm ideas for if we ever wrote a Game of Thrones sketch show. So the outline of the show was written over eleven weeks last year. Then we came together and we started rehearsing improvs together and then we decided to actually write it”.

The show will mix parody and sketch comedy.

Bracken explained, “although there is cohesion to the show, we definitely did write it with a sketch show outline in mind. So there are songs, and there’s music. There’s a game show spoof, and a View spoof, in addition to straight parodies of the scenes that we see in the show, and in the books”.

“We had a lot of fun writing the show, and we’re so excited to do something of this kind which I don’t think is done very often in Columbus”, Bracken said.

Even though this is a one night only event, Bracken said that if it’s popular enough there could be reprises in the future. She mentioned a possibility that the show might appear at the Ice and Fire Convention (www.iceandfirecon.com) in Hocking Hills in May.

As it stands, there will be two performances of the show scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd  at 8:00pm and 10:00pm. Game of Thrones fans that want a humorous refresher of what’s taken place in the first three seasons of the show, prior to the airing of season four, can be a part of the laughs for $8 at the door.

More information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/648165961911991.

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