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Hi musicians! We wanted to let you know about a really cool national program sponsored by the Future of Music Coalition, the HINT program…HINT stands for Health Insurance Navigation Tool:

Are you a musician? Do you need advice or information about health insurance?

You’re not alone. A 2001 FMC survey of 2,700 musicians revealed that the complicated process of obtaining health insurance overwhelmed many of them.

FMC has teamed up with Alex Maiolo and Chris Stephenson to create HINT � the Health Insurance Navigation Tool. The goal of this project is to provide informed, musician-friendly support and advice to curious musicians who need information about health insurance, for free.

There are two parts to this project:

1. Articles that give an overview of the options available for musicians.

2. Free telephone advice service where you can talk to an insurance expert about your situation to understand your options. Click here to make an appointment.

You can find out all about the program and the Future of Music Coalition here:


Also, the Columbus Music Co-op is very honored to be representing Columbus in September at their upcoming conference; we’ll be panelists for the Health Insurance conversation!


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