Franklinton Gets New Coworking Space

Walker Evans Walker Evans Franklinton Gets New Coworking SpacePhoto by Chris Sherman.
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Tired of working out of the neighborhood coffee shop? Then you might be ready for a co-working upgrade. 400 West Rich has officially opened their new 4,000 square foot co-working facility on the second floor of the popular Franklinton creative space. Pricing ranges from $150 to $500 per month with short term lease agreements, and includes a plethora of entrepreneurial amenities.

The coworking studio is one of the last remaining spaces to be completed at 400 West Rich, which is now home to nearly 100 individual artist studios, 17 private creative offices, a 3,500 square foot event space, Strongwater Food & Spirits and a pop-up restaurant space that has hosted a food truck hub and a cafe.

“400 is complete in terms of buildout, however there is much still left to do,” said Operations Manager Chris Sherman. “Sprucing the place up is our next priority. We’ll be painting ceilings and walls in areas that were never finished and some re-roofing is in order this spring. We’re adding air conditioning to the remaining 10,000 square feet on the second floor, finishing the internal courtyard patio for Strongwater, and making more exterior improvements and repairs. The end goal is not to remove the character of the building, but clean the place up a bit.”

Sherman also mentioned that anyone interested in signing up for co-working plans in the next 12 days will get their first month of rent for free.

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