Franklinton gets development attention with plans

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The Alive wrote On principles

By Tracy Zollinger Turner

May 29, 2008

Throw a stick from any corner along Columbus’ east-west artery of Broad Street and you’ll likely hit an area that somebody hopes will become the city’s next great urban neighborhood. But few have drawn as much consideration as the historic area of Franklinton, made viable this century by its location in the morning shadow of Downtown and the completion of the Scioto River floodwall.

Last week, a group of master’s candidates in OSU’s Knowlton School of Architecture’s City and Regional Planning program unveiled an extensive, deeply researched plan for the neighborhood, called for by the Franklinton Development Association.

Mark Lundine is one of the students responsible for the plan. Having worked on the city’s 2012 initiative as an intern, he was well acquainted with the growing desire for affordable urban housing, as well as space and ownership for artists that have been priced out of the Short North.


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