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Franklin County Now Largest in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans Franklin County Now Largest in Ohio
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According to the latest US Census data, Franklin County is now the largest in the State of Ohio, surpassing Cuyahoga County for the first time. The data now indicates that Franklin County has an estimated population of 1,264,518 as of 2016, with Cuyahoga County clocking in at 1,249,352 — a difference of 15,166 people.

Since 2011, Franklin County has steadily grown at an average rate of almost 17,000 people per year while Cuyahoga County has declined by an average of 4,000 people per year.

Other annual changes in Ohio’s largest counties include a 1,351 population growth in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), a 1,016 population loss in Summit County (Akron) and a 328 population loss in Montgomery County (Dayton).

In 2015, the Columbus Metropolitan Area surpassed the 2 million population mark, and was expected to grow larger than Cleveland’s Metropolitan Area population in 2016, although those region-based estimates are not yet available. The City of Columbus itself is the largest city in the State of Ohio, with over 850,000 people as of 2015.

For more information, visit www.census.gov.

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