Franklin County Courthouse Complex is Going Green

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From The Dispatch:

County goes ‘green’ at old buildings
By Barbara Carmen

Commissioners are to approve a plan Tuesday to spend $25.5 million within the next 16 months to retrofit their five buildings at Fulton and High streets with environmentally friendly technology. Most of the work will be done by late spring 2010.

The work includes replacing a hodgepodge of cranky air-conditioning systems with a unified loop of pipe that runs through all buildings, improving energy efficiency and eliminating the need to stockpile different repair parts. They’ll put solar panels on the roof of the Job and Family Services building, 80 E. Fulton St., and hook it into the county power grid.

And they’ll spring for a rooftop garden atop the old annex, 410 S. High St., where the sheriff has offices.

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