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Franklin County Commissioners Support Marriage Equality

Walker Evans Walker Evans Franklin County Commissioners Support Marriage EqualityComposite Photo by Walker Evans.
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The Columbus Pride Festival is still a few days away but Franklin County Commissioners are celebrating early this week. The Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution today that supports full inclusive marriage equality rights for all Ohioans. Their support for gay rights is not surprising, as other policies have been put in place over the past decade, including the expansion of non-discriminatory policies and healthcare benefits that include domestic partners.

According to a press release issued today:

The Board’s resolution affirms its support of Why Marriage Matters Ohio, a grassroots coalition campaign to build support for all marriages, including those of same-sex couples, to be treated equally in Ohio. It points to legal and economic protections, which it says will continue to advance the rights for all Ohioans who want their committed, loving relationships to be recognized by the state.

For ongoing discussion on marriage equality in Ohio, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

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