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Fourth Annual 2x2Fest Boasts New Location, Added Pop-Up Events

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Fourth Annual 2x2Fest Boasts New Location, Added Pop-Up Events
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The fourth annual 2×2 Hip-Hop Festival will take place at a new location this year, taking the outdoor festival featuring b-boy and b-girl battles, graffiti artists and hip-hop performances to the west side.

2x2Fest organizers were in search of a new festival space after the previous venue, Rice Paddy Motorcycles, was sold. After a months-long search, the vacant Hillcrest Lanes bowling alley was chosen as the festival’s new home.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to bring something to the west side of the city,” says Josh Miller, 2x2Fest’s co-founder. “I found my love for hip-hop in a house just a few blocks away from Hillcrest. I rapped for the first time there, so I’m pumped that we can throw a hip-hop festival across the street from where it all started for me.”

In addition to a new location, 2×2 has added a host of events leading up to the festival this spring and summer. Legendary hip-hop producer J. Rawls will lead a music production-focused event, while the month-long gallery exhibition “Sedgwick Ave” will take place at Blockfort Studios. Organizers are also planning pop-up graffiti and b-boy events as well.

The 2×2 Hip-Hop Festival will take place Saturday, July 28 with all of the elements festival goers have come to love, says Miller.

“Attendees of this year’s 2x2Fest should expect to experience the same great festival full of amazing artists, incredible b-boys and b-girls, and good hip-hop around every corner,” says Miller. “2x2Fest 2018 is working to be a more immersive and hands-on experience for the whole family.”

For more information, visit 2x2fest.com


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