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Four String Brewery to Begin Canning Brass Knuckle

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Four String Brewery to Begin Canning Brass Knuckle
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Four String Brewing opened in 2012, and in two short years, has become one of the most recognized local breweries in Columbus. Customers dig the simple yet complex offerings Dan Cochran, Four String’s founder and brewmaster, concocts at his 985 West Sixth Avenue brewery, making Four String not only instantly identifiable, but a best seller around town.

In 2013, Four String added a 400 square feet taproom where patrons can indulge in their favorite brews most days. In addition, Cochran teamed up with Superior Beverage in October to expand distribution, allowing the Four String brand to reach even more thirsty audiences.

In a few months, that reach will grow as customers will be able to purchase Four String’s finest in cans. The Brass Knuckle APA is arguably the brewery’s most popular variety. It’s a 5.75% ABV American Pale Ale that tastes slightly bitter, appropriately citrusy, with a dry, crisp finish.

Four String Brewing is working with local outfit, Buckeye Canning, to bring Brass Knuckle to store shelves. Dave Butler, a good friend of Cochran’s, designed the artwork for the cans, which are in the initial stages of  being printed.

Brass Knuckle will be sold in 6-packs for about $8.99. Cochran is already planning on offering the Big Star White IPA, a mildly wheaty, 7% ABV India Pale Ale, in tall 4-packs after successfully launching the Brass Knuckle cans.

“I have wanted to put Four String into cans for a few years now,” says Cochran. “We are excited to finally make it happen.”

Look for Brass Knuckle in cans at your local supermarkets, convenience stores, and bars this April. Cochran hopes to continue expanding the Four String brand by building another facility and moving into it by early 2015.

For more on Four String Brewing, visit www.fourstringbrewing.com.

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