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    Hello! I joined the site so I could post on the Bollinger Tower thread and have already tangled (just a little) with Walker.

    I graduated from North High School and lived in Clintonville for most of my life. I moved to Bollinger Tower less than four months ago after being on a waiting list for 7 1/2 months and then waiting another 1 1/2 months to get the paperwork completed and waiting for the paperwork to clear. After moving to Bollinger, I set about learning the history of Columbus and of the Short North. I used to ride the bus or drive from downtown where I worked and I rode by Bollinger when it was first built and always admired the building. I love to walk and explore the neighborhood and have found many things to love in the Short North and the environs, especially Goodale Park, Italian Village, the (now closed) Northside library, Victorian Village, and the beautiful Krogers on High Street.

    I killed myself to move so I am just a little distressed to find that I will have to move again. There was absolutely no indication that Bollinger would be sold when I moved in. I first heard the rumors about the sale when I had been here for two months and I asked the building manager about the rumors and he said he had “no knowledge” of a potential sale. But, low and behold, a month later I was reading in my apartment on a Saturday afternoon and heard a scrape at my door and looked outside to see the notice that CMHA had “entered into a contract” to sell Bollinger to the Schiff Capital Group. Can you just imagine what that was like? It was devastating! I thought I had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

    The tenants had a meeting with Bryan Brown and Ron Lebsock of CMHA a week later and then a few days after that, we got the notice that the building manager (the one who had “no knowledge” of a potential sale) was moving out of state and that he was being replaced by a CMHA (former) employee.

    As I stated earlier on the Bollinger thread, I feel that there has been too much secrecy and outright lying involved in this situation and the only way I know to respond is to get as much out in the air as possible. CMHA does not care about the people it is supposed to serve, that is clear to me. If they had planned to sell this building, they should have stopped renting out the units, found alternate housing for the current tenants, and then put the building on the market. Since it is such a “prominent” building sitting there “prominently on the block” as Michael Schiff said, it surely would have had no problem selling. As I have stated on the Bollinger thread, however, I do not agree that the building should ever be sold. It was built for one purpose and it should remain that way.

    If the development of the Short North continues the way it is, it will certainly become unlivable and I think that the residents of the Short North will be sorry they did not protest the sale of bollinger when they had a chance. I really don’t think there is any way they can stop the sale, however (and I am not sure this was not already a “done deal” when CMHA met with the tenants on March 4), since this involves big, big money and “money talks” as we all know. As someone said on the Bollinger thread, the Short North is becoming a “tourists only” destination.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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