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  • in reply to: Old Children’s Books Now Illegal? #293320

    Here’s an article from March that discusses the possible effect on libraries: http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2009/mar/06/federal-lead-law-leaves-libraries-in-limbo/

    Honestly, most libraries no longer have children’s books published prior to 1985. I’m much more worried about the effect on bookstores, crafters and DIY’ers. $300 is a lot of money for those folks and for the smaller libraries that still do have older materials.

    in reply to: Young Professionals’ Exchange #277341

    von wrote >>
    most young professionals work til 5…seems like an odd start-time. or is this event to seek out young professionals that are no longer professional but wish to be?

    +1. I would be interested in attending something like this, but I work until at least 5:30 every day. Good idea, though!

    in reply to: Like your library? It might be gone by July 1st #281538

    joev wrote >>
    I think ALL state government programs are facing huge cuts. Libraries are important, but I’d rather see limited resources directed at health services for the poor.

    There’s also a difference between facing “huge cuts” and decimating a public service. Libraries have already experienced a 20% reduction in their budgets–no one is saying that libraries should be held harmless, but there has to be a better way of allocating budget cuts that doesn’t completely shut down vital public services.

    in reply to: Maurice Clarett Prison News #281033

    JimSweeney wrote >>

    CDS sherman wrote >>
    bunch a bullshit. i should have asked for pardon….

    yeah, on what grounds? that some kitchen in bexley needs new tile? or that nikos needs a ride somewhere?

    You leave my kitchen out of this!

    If the Governor spends half a second even considering this, I will lose all faith in just about everything. Including in Jim Sweeney, and no one wants that.

    in reply to: Sage American Bistro – Closed #270476

    Can anyone tell me the average price point for dinner entrees at Sage? My parents want to take me and the bf out for our birthdays, and I’m shooting for someplace in the same price range as Basi (which is one of the contenders, of course.) I would love to have them take us to The Refectory, but I think that might be asking a bit much.


    in reply to: Damn you Thom #266005

    why? why did you do this to me? so much for a productive Friday…

    in reply to: Apartment for rent: 1369 Highland St. #264548

    where are you going? hopefully not too far… even without the hot tub you’ll still have the best parties.

    -proud “unsavory element”

    in reply to: My BlackBerry is eating my messages! #263363

    samtastic wrote >>
    find your advanced options menu…open the applications folder, and delete all of the non english languages..and any other useless apps for that matter. dont delete anything that your not sure of.
    that will free up enough space to operate for now.

    Funny you should say that… I was poking around in the advanced options and wondered if I actually needed all that stuff for languages that I don’t speak.

    in reply to: My BlackBerry is eating my messages! #263361

    Thanks Coreroc– I guess I’ll be stopping by my friendly neighborhood Verizon store after work today. Hopefully the price gouging won’t be too intense.

    in reply to: My BlackBerry is eating my messages! #263359

    honavery wrote >>
    Is your email setup on BES or BIS?

    BIS– but it’s also deleting text messages.

    in reply to: Pizza Grand Prix III – Saturday, March 7th #257359

    Thank you, Gourmand, for another fabulous taste adventure! When’s Prix IV? :)

    (And I have a sneaking suspicion about who wrote that Hounddog’s comment…)

    in reply to: Pizza Grand Prix III – Saturday, March 7th #257344

    Roland wrote >>

    Core_Models wrote >>

    drew wrote >>
    I’m in – looks like my pizza will be coming from the fairgrounds.

    Is “Velvet Balls” going? (just working on making Ro’s nickname stick).

    Yeah… Velvet Balls is going to be there. LOL!!
    I’ll bring Enrico’s again. Mushroom, Sausage, Pep!

    We’re bringing pizzas just for Velvet Balls–they’ll make you want to shout: “This sausage is spicy!”

    in reply to: Turn your clothes/jackets inside out and wear them…wow. #259000

    Bear wrote >>
    My zipper disappeared.
    I can’t pee.

    I can’t believe I just started following this thread… just the kind of comic relief I’ve looking for. Thank you, CU, for wearing your overalls backwards, even if it means you can’t pee.


    in reply to: Language learning advice #259133

    You can use Mango Languages through the library:


    in reply to: Pizza Grand Prix III – Saturday, March 7th #257297

    some sort of Bexley Pizza Plus. I’m thinking sausage and banana peppers…

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