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  • in reply to: Cab question #176510

    Are you hoping to get around Westerville or to come downtown? I do have to say that I was recently in Philadelphia and was blown away by how clean and nice the cabs are. I haven’t had much luck with consistency with cabs in Columbus (in the Short North area)– sometimes you call and they never show up, sometimes you catch a nice one, and once I caught one where the door was practically falling off. I echo what someone else wrote… get a scooter :)

    in reply to: Q: Are there any good tapas joints in Columbus? #135416

    Andrew Hall wrote This deserves bumped up as Maca is the real thing. Has been getting mentions in Alive, Columbus Monthly, etc.

    Downside is having it so far from me. On the upside, it makes a great reward for biking up the Powell Rd hill from 315.


    This restaurant was mentioned yesterday on the Fred Anderle show on WOSU 820– they were doing the top ten new restaurants in Columbus and then just started talking about good places to eat. The reviewers really seemed to like Maca a lot. I’m definitely going to have to make the trek. (Especially because when I first moved here I was SO excited to go to the Burgundy Room to eat tapas, only to find that it wasn’t Spanish at all… big bummer.)

    You can listen to the whole show here:


    in reply to: Favorite Street Name in Columbus #172148

    bob.os wrote Down at the end of my street is Fredonia Ave. (ala Duck Soup), which only runs for three blocks. Dunedin and Brevoort are also favorites in my neighborhod.

    Walhalla is also fed by Gudrun, Mirming and Brynhild.

    I’m so glad you mentioned Fredonia. Every time I drive by all I can think of is Groucho Marx.

    Um, has no one mentioned Olentangy yet? I just like listening to people who aren’t from here calling it the “Ol’ an’ tangy.”

    in reply to: Overrated Movies #172033

    I second Superbad. And the 40-Year Old Virgin was fairly underwhelming for that matter, as well.

    I would also like to add Vanilla Sky. Watching the original (Abre los Ojos) really put a damper on the Tom Cruise version, even though it did have a great soundtrack…

    in reply to: Short North On Sale #164481

    Why does this happen when I am out of town??? Someone please go spend lots of money on clothes and art and other stuff that you don’t really need for me, will you?

    in reply to: Best Pizza in Columbus? #141040

    *The Rossi for margherita pizza

    *Bexley Pizza Plus (or Gahanna Pizza Plus) for their pepperoni–spicy and delicious

    *Hound Dogs for the garlicky crust

    Didn’t like Plank’s, unfortunately… not a big fan of sweet pizza sauce. Must try Rubino’s though, it’s right down the street from me and I’m looking for a new pizza joint.

    in reply to: What is everyone currently reading? #103249

    I’m reading The Tummy Trilogy by Calvin Trillin. It’s a compilation of three of his books: American Fried; Alice, Let’s Eat; and Third Helpings. I like funny food writing, and Trillin’s books are more about the act and joy of eating than about trying to rate food. Good stuff. I’m also reading about 7 other things, or attempting to.

    I review books on my blog (thefightinglibrarian.blogspot.com) and I try to post semi-regularly, so if anyone needs ideas… (shameless self-promotion…)

    in reply to: The Eagle (Former La Fogata Space in The Short North) #158489

    Going to have to agree with Walker on this one–I would definitely say the food was pretty meh. The service was weird, too: it wasn’t that full when we went, but we had about 17 different people taking our order, bringing out drinks, serving our food, checking to see if we were alright. It was nice to feel taken care of, but it made it difficult to tell who was actually our server.

    Food was mediocre. I had the camarones al mojo de ajo (garlic shrimp) and I hate to say that El Vaquero may do this one better. My friend had what was described on the menu as “pork chunks.” Nothing should ever come in a “chunk” on a menu unless it’s a pineapple. His was meh, too.

    I’ll give them another shot though, especially when the weather gets nicer and the patio is open.

    in reply to: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: An Essay #159324

    Ndcent wrote I love New York > Tila Tequila

    I can’t even watch that show without feeling all squinchy and uncomfortable inside. It’s right up there with Cheaters.

    in reply to: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: An Essay #159322

    I didn’t watch the show religiously. Actually, I only saw a few segments of a few episodes… but I agree that Dani and Bobby were definitely the best people on there. I was rooting for Dani too, but did you see how emotional Bobby was when she picked him?? He couldn’t even speak! It was super cute, if anything. Until Tila started talking about how she could be his wifey. Then I wanted to puke a little bit…

    in reply to: Secondhand Furniture #158998

    I second going to Grandview Mercantile Revue. Then you can play that game with the prices: “do I buy now or wait for the price to go down and risk losing my dream couch?” I bought a great set of dining room chairs there that had hit their lowest price… a steal. It’s addicting though, so watch out.

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