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    Angel wrote ummm i have a boombox.

    sometimes i walk around with it jamming too.

    anyone remember that homeless guy on campus that used to do that? lol

    Please bring your boombox to our next outing. We can jam together. But only if you also find that cop on a Segway and make him b-boy just a little bit.


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    brothermarcus wrote

    If the team is called the professionals I’m wearing a suit every game, no discussions involved or needed.

    I think, if we go this route, that you should also not do any running of bases. You should wear your suit and walk very self-importantly around the field, ignoring all attempts to throw you out. We are the fine young professionals and we are here to stay.

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    How about “Fine Young Professionals”?


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    Roland wrote

    thefightinglibrarian wrote Heyyy youuuu guyyyyyyys!

    haha I can totally picture you pulling out the superman shirt!

    thefightinglibrarian wrote Maybe we need to arrange a Goonies viewing to psych ourselves up for kickball…

    Great idea for you to have a viewing party and order Bexley Pizza Plus for everyone! :P

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea! I am in Minneapolis all week, but maybe next week? Thursday night movie madness, maybe?

    Eh? Eh?

    in reply to: Kickball #178350

    Heyyy youuuu guyyyyyyys!

    Maybe we need to arrange a Goonies viewing to psych ourselves up for kickball…

    in reply to: Kickball #178336

    dredd wrote The Chester Copperpots?


    And who doesn’t want to be called “Chester” at some point in their life?

    in reply to: Kickball #178334

    Nerdy librarian time…

    How ’bout something with “copper” in it?

    Copper bottoms

    The CU Pennies

    Ok, maybe not… :oops:

    in reply to: BOOB JAB #184014

    Keep your needles away from my boobs.


    in reply to: Kickball #178312

    dredd wrote

    I like this one (my water polo team in college had shirts that said: “getting our balls wet since 1984” or something like that. I am easily amused.)

    Can I play, too or is it too late? Thursdays are out for me, and I definitely can’t do anything before 6:30 on Tuesdays b/c of drive time from up north… what’s the scoop?

    in reply to: Storefront next to The Rossi #179896

    osulew wrote

    The Rossi Burger is the best burger I’ve ever had. My favorite, most comforting columbus meal is a mojito or 6, lamb lollipops, and the rossi burger. Yums.

    Lamb lollipops AND a rossi burger??? You are a wild woman… and I dig it. So when are we going?

    in reply to: Storefront next to The Rossi #179891

    Finally… I might be able to sit while I eat my pizza :)

    in reply to: dancing #179334

    I haven’t been salsa dancing in AGES. I’m in!

    Todos a bailar!

    in reply to: Erotic Falconry – Better than LOLCATS #179366


    Okay, someone admit it, who got turned on…

    in reply to: dancing #179320

    vegampire wrote I am trying to find places to go dancing in Columbus Ohio that dont suck. I am in my early 30’s and have no desire to be humped by a 21 year old. I love to dance to 80’s music but am not really that picky. I don’t like “stuffy” places. I just want to go out dancing and not be bothered really. Any ideas??????????????

    If you want ladies and ’80s, try Ladies ’80s at Skully’s on Thursday nights. Definitely not a meat market and not many youngsters.

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    kessler wrote

    Wouldn’t it be possible to create a library (doesn’t have to be the largest. )w/ a cafe and deli open 24 hours and have available a rooftop dining area that could be open 24hrs to view the lunar eclipse, snow, moonlight on the river, redwhite & boom etc. A multi use area. imagine dancing on the rooftop under the moonlight upon the riverfront, during your study break.

    Insert cute kitten with funny saying here. :arrow:

    I think this sounds awesome.

    We could combine some of these and add a few more items to create 5

    I just LOVE it when you talk libraries :)

    Et voila: Check out the Salt Lake City PL:


    “The six-story curving, walkable wall embraces the public plaza, with shops and services at ground level, reading galleries above, and a 300-seat auditorium. A multi-level reading area along the glass lens at the southern facade of the building looks out onto the plaza with stunning views of the city and Wasatch Mountains beyond. A roof-top garden, accessible by walking the crescent wall or the elevators, offers a 360 degree view of the Salt Lake Valley. Spiraling fireplaces on four floors resemble a column of flame from the vantage of 200 East and 400 South. The Urban Room between the library and the crescent wall is a space for all seasons, generously endowed with daylight and open to magnificent views.”

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