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  • in reply to: AWESOMEFEST #195375

    Sounds, um, awesome!

    in reply to: Monday Night Ride Tonight!!!! #130536

    somertimeoh wrote

    Angel wrote yes there is a huge green blob coming towards us.

    and i can’t make it to bodega tonight and miss another $1 grilled cheese :(

    It’s OK, it’s been a weird couple of weeks with lots of distractions. $1 grilled cheese night is for sure back on next Monday and I expect happy hours in general to pick back up next week as well.

    Did someone say cheese? Count me in!

    Edit: nevermind. I have to be at work from 9pm to 2am next Monday. Eat grilled cheese for me!!!!

    in reply to: Best Calamari in CMH? #194275

    Jimmy V’s had delicious sauteed calamari. I order the Jimmy V’s Salad with sauteed calamari on top.

    Mmmmm, tentacles! nom nom nom….

    in reply to: Ladies 80s #193695

    somertimeoh wrote

    Angel wrote surprise! i’ve never been :)

    Shocker :shock: (and I’m totally doing the hand gesture right now) :lol:

    Merc, we’ll just lure you with hookah follow-up :wink:

    I couldn’t help it… i did the hand thing totally without thinking about it when i read that you did it. haha, it’s like a yawn!

    in reply to: Ladies 80s #193688

    osulew wrote

    johnaesthetica wrote Does anyone go anymore?

    Frankie is a fan, so we’ve been going lately. We’ll be there tomorrow eve if anyone else will as well.

    I’d love to meet you guys if you go next week.

    Actually, I’d love to see all of my CU friends out with their dancing shoes on…or with their standing and drinking shoes on…or the can you please hold my beer while i fix my shirt/shoe/hair/purse shoes for that matter.

    Just come play with me!!!!

    I don’t have to work the next day, so I guarantee I will entertain you all. :D

    Haven’t been to Ladies 80s in ages. Count me in!!

    in reply to: Hash House Harriers Columbus? #193400

    Okay, so here is the reason for my bitterness. I was super excited to go on this hash, and I LOVED the idea. Basically, some people set a course (about 3 miles or so), you run the course in a huge group, stopping occasionally for beer, and then end up either at a bar or at someone’s house.

    All the initiated hashers have “hash names” like “brownandrunny” (for real) and they sing songs that they all know (not traditional drinking songs or anything) and then all the “virgins” (me) had to chug beer and then put the empty cups upside down on their heads. If you mess up and call someone by their real name and not their hash name, you have to chug. I’m sorry, I’m not in college any more, I don’t feel the need to be hazed.

    I don’t know. I liked the camaraderie and the running/drinking/socializing, but it really had a frat kind of feel, and I’m not really down with that. Not all hashing groups are like that, I don’t think, and I admit that I only went the once, so if it sounds like fun I’d give it a shot.

    Edit: I’m with lew– Beerlympics!!!

    in reply to: I hate Canadian geese #191268

    I just heard the best Goose Attack story…

    My ex is a marathon runner and he was coming back from some ridiculously long run on the bike path down in German Village when he comes across a goose in the path. Normally he just yells at them and waves his arms and they go away. This time the goose holds its ground and starts hissing and flapping at him and blocking the path. He tries to go around, goose flaps and hisses. He doesn’t want to turn around to go all the way back because he’s, you know, tired after 15 miles, so he’s trying to figure out the best way to get around it, when it CHARGES at him and he has to take off at a dead sprint (in the wrong direction) to escape it. Now he’s terrified of the goose and decides to climb up the hill to the road. When he gets to the top, he looks down at the goose and says something like, “stupid goose. ” Which apparently enrages the goose again, because it takes off from the bottom of the hill and comes FLYING through the trees after him! So he has to take off again, and he said it was like 2 feet from him and he could see its tongue and he thought it was going to bite him in the neck. Finally it stops and sits and gives him the stinkeye. Terrifying!!!!

    So. Don’t go running on the German Village portion of the bike path. If you do, take some mace…

    in reply to: Kickboxing vs. Karate #156272

    Coremodels wrote

    p.s. Everytime R.R. talks about martial arts I find myself daydreaming about her :oops:

    Aw, thanks, Core :)

    in reply to: Kickboxing vs. Karate #156270

    Big ups to CoreTactix in Dublin for Krav Maga. If I ever decide to stop doing tae kwon do, I would definitely switch to Krav Maga. and when you say “kickboxing” are you talking about Muay Thai or Cardio Kickboxing? People are right that “kickboxing” may focus more on cardio, but doing something like Muay Thai is also very aggressive and fight focused.

    Visit a lot of places. Karate and Kickboxing are very different stylistically– as I like to tell people– get a book from library (:D ) and read up on the mindsets and fighting styles.

    And let us know what you decide :)

    in reply to: is there a nightlife out there for someone like me? #190020

    jpizzow wrote “Short North Queer Positive Watering hole”…..WTF??? so is East Village a gay bar, i’ve never been there but thought about checking it out. not that i wouldn’t go in because it’s a gay friendly bar. i’d just rather know so that if i took a bunch of friends in there, i wouldn’t look like a total idiot.

    It is a lesbian and gay bar which is sadly going out of business (there was just a thread about how it’s turning into some mexican themed sports bar or something.)


    Sweatin’ is a great party, though, so go while it’s still there!

    in reply to: IDENTIFIED: Office Creeper #191212

    Hmmm. Sounds like a library regular…

    in reply to: I hate Canadian geese #191249

    DublinDiver wrote

    cab124 wrote But I have always wondered….if one of them got a hold of me, how much damage could it actually do before I kicked it away??

    Don’t chance it. Just cut it off at the neck with a sharpened machete. Canadian Geese are as bad a mosquito’s in my book.

    It hurts! When I was a kid I was feeding ducks at a pond and this giant goose wanted a piece of the action. Instead of just grabbing the bread he got my finger too– I believe I would liken it to a weak mousetrap. Not that I’ve ever been caught in a mousetrap, but I imagine it would be comparable.

    in reply to: Kickball #178411

    Rocknrolloutlaws wrote In my recent brief, somewhat self-imposed CU hiatus, I missed most of the kickball commotion.

    I sadly can’t play on the CU team, as I’ve been recruited again to captain my team from last year.

    But if we get our act together we’re shooting for a Tuesday slot as well.

    So might I suggest a pre-season scrimmage against the CU team?

    We might have played last year, but I promise you, we’re terrible.

    I suggest an after work game at schiller, followed by happy hour at planks (on high). Half price pizza on tuesdays, and half price domestic pitchers during happy hour.

    Edit: I think a kickball/happy hour challenge was the pefect thing for my 200th post btw.

    Where you been??? I am willing to bet that the Fine Young Professionals have much better shoes than your team.

    I think that’s about all I’m willing to gamble on right now. Oh, and we have better slogans.

    in reply to: Short North Gallery Hop – April Highlights #187111

    Walker wrote

    Short North Gallery Hop Highlights

    “The Best Arts Event in the State” …Ohio Magazine, January 2008

    Ohio Art League

    954 N High St / 614-299-8225

    Exhibit Title: I Could Swear I Saw A Light

    Artist(s): Brian Williams

    Art Media: Graphite

    Artist Reception: Friday, April 04, 2008

    Opening Date: Friday, April 04, 2008

    Closing Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008

    About the Exhibit: Williams’ drawings are gently surreal and thoroughly realized scenes which lure the viewer into dreamlike encounters between animal and human, nature and technology, reality and possibility. All of the drawings feature recognizable settings and objects but the way he has twisted and reorganized meanings leads us to rethink our relationship to these things, and to have our sense of reality scrambled as in a dream.

    Brian is one of my buddies… and I own some of his pieces. Definitely stop by this show!!! :)

    in reply to: Kickball #178388

    dru wrote

    fine young professionals say ‘word to ya mutha.’

    I would like my t-shirt to say “word to ya mutha.” In fact, I think they all should…

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