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    @dru or a mannequin, but one can only hope.

    This house should bear the “CU Stamp of Approval” :)

    in reply to: Thanks for the cheap shot, Nationwide #494722

    I am NOT a lawyer, but my librarian sense tells me that this would *probably* be fair use. (But again, I am not a lawyer.) I am hacked off that a company as big as NW would pick on a small local business for kicks, though. My bet is that some people sat around a table, thought this up, and ran with it without really considering that this makes NW look like an uncreative bully.

    HH at Deepwood tomorrow and then a lovely dinner at Basi. Thanks for 10 years of teh awesome and for planning my evening for me. CU: News, Commentary, & Event Planning since 2001.

    in reply to: Riverside Hospital Maternity Ward Subject of New TV Show #425509

    That really is too bad. It would have been a great opportunity to show the many options couples have– in a positive light.

    in reply to: Riverside Hospital Maternity Ward Subject of New TV Show #425506

    Anyone else think they picked a terrible name for this series? Suckers.

    in reply to: Aab India Restaurant on Grandview Avenue #333715

    Thanks for the explanation– we stopped in for dinner and stood at the host stand for 10 minutes. After no one even looked at us, we left. (It didn’t help that we overheard a seated customer complaining loudly about the lack of service.) Will definitely give them a try again in a week or so– what a bad way to start!

    in reply to: Halp! tree trimming, driveway repair, gas fireplace maintenence #333436

    lifeliberty wrote >>

    Rockmastermike wrote >>
    I also require the services of good arborist and will be monitoring this thread for recommendations. KTHNXbye.

    Tree Trimming Recommendations?

    Thanks! (Egads, AEP. Egads.) Sherm- I will pm you to see about my fireplace (and, uh, nice avatar.)

    in reply to: Can anyone recomend a HVAC company? #180334

    just_mel wrote >>

    Walker wrote We used Quality Air for fixing a leak on our furnace before we moved in. They did a good job… fairly priced… quick response time.http://www.qualityairandheat.comWe’re probably going to replace our heater and ac this summer or fall though, and not sure who we’ll use or what brand yet. So I’m also interested in suggestions.

    I’ll second Quality Air. My furnace died within a week of moving into my house. (Fortunately it was covered under the home warranty.) Quality Air was great. They brought me a portable heater to borrow for the night, and then came back to fix it the next day. They also rotated the direction of the furnace to be better accessed in the future. My 100 year old house had the furnace opening in a very tight spot. Whomever installed the furnace 20 years before that hadn’t bothered to do that. The furnace is only 4 years old but has held up perfectly since installation.

    I had them come out after reading this thread and they were great. +1!

    in reply to: Basil Thai Restaurant in The Short North #322810

    Tried it last night and found the food mediocre. The server was very nice and attentive, but seemed unfamiliar with the menu. My dinner was WAY too salty (even my salt-loving bf thought so), and was supposed to come with “fish cakes, chicken, and shrimp” but there were only two small discs of fish cake, two fairly sad little shrimp, and a smattering of small chicken pieces. I realize that it only cost $9.95, and that you get what you pay for, but I would prefer more variety of menu prices instead of scrimping to keep everything at a particular price point.

    I will probably go back to try some of their other dishes, but I’m not yet sold that it’s the best Thai on High Street.

    in reply to: We are in the months that have a R in them? #309226

    Hyde Park has ’em on their happy hour bar menu. You get four nice big ones for cheap. And how could anyone turn down nice big ones?

    (That was for Lew.)

    in reply to: Mimi’s Teacup #293547

    Stopped in the other morning for breakfast and tea before work. They seemed very excited to have a morning customer and even gave me a free sample of their scones. (They said lunch business has been good, but not so much from the early commuters.) I’m not usually a scone fan, but the plain scone was really quite delicious. I also ordered some of their pumpkin tea bread to-go– it was a big hit both with my tummy and with my co-workers.

    The tea was also good :) I will be going back.

    in reply to: Char siu or pork steam buns – where to find? #306855

    berry wrote >>
    I know it is lame and “Americanized” but I would love to get a Wow Bao in Columbus…..they are really addictive

    +1 for buns!

    in reply to: Who has the best buns in Columbus? #300031

    This just in: Roland has the best buns in Columbus!

    Auddino’s was an excellent choice for hot, soft buns. Well played.

    in reply to: CU Movie Meetup – Sat Aug 15 – Raiders of the Lost Ark #292659

    somertimeoh wrote >>
    Yay, RoRo. Last year was super fun. It’s definitely on my calendar.
    Yet another movie classic I’ve never seen that y’all can make fun of me for :)
    PS – Don’t forget to bring cash if you want booze from the bar! I didn’t have any last year and was sad :(

    This was one of my fav events last year (Back to the Future, right??). Too bad we’ll be out of town this weekend… again. <sigh>

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