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    For those of you interested:

    Pre-trial is November 9th at 8:30
    before Judge Brandt in courtroom 13B on the 13th floor
    Case number: 11CRB24843

    for one of the partys

    Got a letter today from Mr. Pfeiffer

    That’s just one of the guys. You can call the Seargent who coordinated everything at 614-645-4624 to ask about the others.

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    I was emailed by one of the posters here that the post was twisting and turning.

    But, the entertainment value was not as high as I expected. I can think of three people on this board who were there as the story unfolded and asked if I wanted them to speak up. I even emailed Walker about the details before it was on the news.

    But anyone believing one way or another, just isnt that important to me. One of the reasons for the post was to let people know about the scam that was going through craigslist so they would not fall victim.

    The embarrasing truth is that the incident was very scary. Not just the way it unfolded, but knowing that if the police hadn’t shown up, I was going to make the meet myself. The result is that I would have been laying bloody in an alley behind the post office. A terrible fate that I really don’t wish on anyone.

    If you want to check the police blotter, you can. It’s open with the ‘freedom of information act’ and it should have all the fun details. But i’ve sent out the warning about what is going on to anyone who cares to listen.

    My avatar picture was taken about noon last Wednesday
    and no cookie, the door didnt hit me in the ass on the way out :)

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    A troll is a person who takes an opposite view (quite often an unreasonable stance that he knows is wrong) and feeds on getting responses from people. The only thing that makes a troll go away is ignoring him.

    and why the heck am I on THIS side of the trolling?

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    Cops didn’t do it for $100. They didn’t even do it just for me.
    Cops did it to save lots of people from getting beat up and possibly killed.
    These were not people who picked up a lost cell phone. It was horrifying to me that there are people so wicked that they would try to lure victims into dark alleys and beat them into the hospital and rob them. If they beat someone unconscious I doubt they would call an ambulance. And had the cops not stopped them, that very well could have happened.

    Good or Bad. That’s what cops do. They put their life on the line to keep others safe.
    (of course, you already knew that before you trolled)

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    cc said:
    note to self – do not steal Tenzo’s smartphone…

    (props to Tenzo for having his shit together and busting them)

    Props to the Columbus police.
    I hate to admit it, but if the police didn’t help, I was going to go make the exchange myself.
    If I was lucky, I’d be in the hospital right now. If I was unlucky, well…….
    ‘Police sting gone bad’, my ass. I owe that cop a LOT.

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    You can track it yourself from your PC
    or you can SHARE it with friends and both people have to agree.
    Originally I used it between my wife and I because she has very mixed hours.
    We also use it when we go to New York. When you turn on your GPS it will tell you where the other person is within about 20 feet. (When the thieves were using it they turned on the GPS)

    There is also a feature were you can turn on history. Which can be toggled from your google account on a PC.

    (So the thieves were tagging themselves with the GPS, I was tracking their location from a PC and they were broadcasting pictures and movies of themselves to my Google+ account from their home.)

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    jarsloth said:
    Was the phone originally misplaced and picked up by the individual responsible, or did they actively lift it from you?

    Not lifted from my person. But not exactly misplaced.
    It’s still unfolding but it was in a place I had reasonable expectation of security. My computer and other stuff were there and it had restricted access that required a pass card and ID to get to. I believe a background check of everyone who had access to the area is required. The person(s) doing the acquisition had clean criminal record(s).

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    Just now received a phone call that the officer is out of the hospital and on vacation at home. The person who stole the phone has ‘turned herself in’. Since she has no record she has been released until the court date.

    That implies that the other two are being held, but I did not ask.

    The court date the other two had was just to charge and hold them. Their determination court date will likely be months from now.

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    M.O. said:
    Silly question, but how did these guys know what “you” would be dressed like?

    Told them I would be wearing an orange backpack.
    It’s a kid’s backpack that I haul the dog around in.

    What was hilarious (at the time) as even with the straps all the way out it didn’t fit him. He looked like Marty Feldman in young Frankenstein with a large orange hump up on his shoulders.

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    Friends said it was on 5 & 6 at 5:00 last night
    I know that 6 is ABC, don’t know what 5 is.
    ABC titled the story; “Police sting goes bad” because of the officer in the ambulance. Which upset me because they should be getting good press for catching some very bad people.

    The two guys who attacked the cop were up in front of a judge yesterday morning.
    Is that info posted anywhere? Be curious what they got charged with.

    When they were setting up they asked me if I would press charges. I said I would if I was in Columbus when it went to trail. After I saw the cop in the ambulance I said I would come in no matter what the cost. They said don’t worry, after this the DA would pay my expenses.

    I believe it is still unfolding

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    cheap said:
    two important factors were not presented in those statistics

    how much the govt. lost because those people didn’t pay taxes

    I believe the largest part is people who PAY payroll TAXES.
    My reading of this is that they paid their taxes when they got their paycheck.

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    Doctors $28,000

    Interesting. Residents make a mandated $42,000 / year, working about 100 hours a week.

    Student loan payments for many doctors are up to $2,000 a month.
    The majority of residents I know are living below the poverty level.

    So, basically they want doctors to pay to practice medicine.

    Based on Concepts of Economic Sustainability and Right Livelihood

    yeah, OK there

    I’m sure the business owners who risk their future and life savings to start a business will enjoy making about $3.50 /hr

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    This is my favorite fall festival.
    For the last three years Tenzo and I have been going.
    A lot of the people there remember Tenzo and give him a treat.
    Somehow he remembers who and where they are from the year before.
    Both our favorites are the pumpkin ice cream

    Alas, my best friend is in Chicago with my wife.


    Twixlen said:
    Also solvable. People recycle from their houses/apartments/offices/businesses. Then the city comes and gets it *and* the trash. Again, education is key. Enforcement, key.

    Cities with voluntary recycling programs have higher participation than those with mandated systems.

    In Chicago they had recycling. Now I just drive four blocks down to the krogers.
    In Philly you would get a ticket for not recycling.
    However the rules were so strict on recycling that you would get a ticket once a month for improperly seperating recyclables or someone would drop a water bottle in your papers; that people generally did not recycle.

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