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  • in reply to: Mary Kathryn Paul Sentenced in Hit-and-Run Death of Bob Lennon #554338

    That Dispatch article was the front page center story with a big picture of Paul and her lawyer in court.

    in reply to: Pacific Rim – upcoming Guillermo del Toro movie #524633

    Definitely a must see on the big screen. This movie is the real deal–the visuals, the dramatic music, sound effects. It was funny, and suspenseful. I never could get into Godzilla movies because they looked so fake. I was completely absorbed in this movie.

    in reply to: Teacher fired for being Gay at Bishop Watterson High School #540155

    Coy said:
    So when do we start firing the ones on birth control?
    Let’s get this morality train rollin’ already!

    Tee hee!

    in reply to: Mad Men #144265

    I agree the Betty storyline is boring, but isn’t that the point? On the surface, she has everything–great house, husband of importance, beautiful family–all the things she was told she should want to have. But, it’s boring as hell, and the one thing she is supposed to do–look beautiful–is a struggle. She did live in the big city once upon a time and traded it for the promises that married with kids in suburbia was supposed to bring. It’s not doing it for her. I think that explains the whole raping conversation–show she’s still got a little edge in herself, and send the message that all is not happy in their storybook life.

    She represents the woman that the Stones sang about in “Mother’s Little Helper.” (Released in 1966)

    in reply to: Mad Men #144260

    Found the season opener quite disjointed. Kept wondering if I had seen all the episodes leading up to this one (which I have), or I forgot some of the plot lines.

    in reply to: Justified #353427

    I see your point. Interesting that the people who knew who he was–Arlo, Doyle and the mountain people. (Which, btw, yeah, they live in the mountain, but some have to come down at times–no one figured out Shelby was Drew [elections?!].)

    in reply to: Justified #353425

    I suppose. I just wonder if that ID was really necessary.

    Sorry to see Arlo killed. Will miss his contribution to the dialogue, and the father-son dynamic with Raylan. Priceless.

    in reply to: Justified #353423

    Negotiate with the Feds? Why didn’t he just tell them who Drew was?

    in reply to: The Walking Dead on AMC #403254

    I have to say last Sunday’s episode (Andrea being hunted down by the Governor) is my favorite so far. The cinematography and the music were amazing. Better than many movie thrillers.

    Still can’t figure out how the Governor got out of that abandoned building…

    in reply to: Justified #353421

    This is an awesome show. Can someone explain to me though why those kids went into the wall to retrieve the bag with the ID card? If that was explained, I missed it.

    LOVED constable Bob’s role in the latest episode. Raylan: “What happened is Bob is a tough son of a bitch.” Also appreciated the phone call between Colt and Gutterson. But the big question is, do Boyd and Co. have a alternate plan on dealing with the Detroit mafia (hence Colt shooting that dude)?

    Kasich’s Libertarianism is in conflict with his Christianity. Not all Christians, but certainly a large portion, cannot accept people making their own decisions and living with whatever circumstances they think will come of such actions. Their faith compels them to challenge what is viewed as immoral or unnatural. Hence the divide w/gay marriage, civil unions, access to abortion services, etc.

    Seeing this now with the Boy Scouts of America. I think those at the administrative top see the writing on the wall (corporate sponsorship, community support such as United Way and so on dropping; reduction in members, etc. at the same time the numbers in support of gay marriage are going up, particularly with the younger crowd [their future members]. They were poised to rescind their policy of banning gay family participation. But such a backlash from the current members, who view it a sin and a true degenerative force on our society, so now there are listening sessions and so on going on. Will be interesting to see what they choose to do, will have consequences no matter what.

    Personally, I wish we were all beyond this, and I do believe the injustice of treating gay people as second class citizens will be corrected, but the wave of intolerance is still very much out there.

    in reply to: The Walking Dead on AMC #403229

    Walker said:
    Daryl ain’t going to be too happy if he makes it back to the prison and finds out that Colonel Sanders has been offering Carol free handlebar mustache rides!


    in reply to: The Walking Dead on AMC #403222

    I did not see the public execution of the brothers. Or will they be forced to fight it out gladiator style? The bigger question is, will Rick & Co. arrive just in time? Or will Andrea protect Daryl? So many ways this thing can go.

    in reply to: Good local jewelry stores? #521457

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I’ve got an antique engagement ring; the diamond popped out recently, but I have been hesitant to take it anywhere. You hear stories of jewelers switching stones. Mine isn’t big (I’m not sure of its quality, even), so I don’t know if that’s a legitimate concern, but there’s the value of not losing what was given to me.

    in reply to: The Walking Dead on AMC #403217

    rus said:

    I caught that too. Interesting marketing choice by KFC.

    I predict that Daryl will end up killing his brother Merle.

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