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    Walker wrote >>

    gramarye wrote >>
    P.S. What causes those HTML snafus?

    People trying to embed Youtube videos when all they need to do is post the video URL. ;) Fixed!

    My fault, sorry! I just pasted the link into the URL tab, and it automatically embedded. Thanks for fixing.

    in reply to: Columbus Co-op? #367794

    I’m a bit less inclined to think they are duping anyone with a “dark secret” and more inclined to think that there is a reasonable explanation for this. Have you contacted the Co-Op directly to inquire? I’d start there. Perhaps there was another vote that occurred when you were not a member and they approved the measure?

    Not very helpful, I know, but I’m not very well versed in the nuances of Ohio law.

    in reply to: Flash Mob Video at The Ohio Union #367606

    Personally thought this was very cute and awesome. It brought this awesome film/scene to mind:

    (But not dubbed in Italian of course)

    in reply to: Thrifting #367237

    Ohio Thrift Stores, Inc. location in Westerville has an entire store attached to it that contains solely furniture items.

    Westerville Area
    5738 Columbus Square
    Columbus, Ohio 43231
    Columbus Sq. Shopping Ctr.

    You may also check out the Grandview Mercantile[/url] at 1st & High if you’re into higher end antique items. I’ve also hear good things about Columbus Architectural Salvage[/url] though I’ve never been.

    in reply to: Singles Events That Aren’t Lame? #365151

    I’ve seen a lot about Blind Dining in recent years. Don’t know what the venue is like, but it could be kind of fun to do a blindfolded taste test type thing.

    Of course then you’d probably have to judge people based on personality alone, which may not fly :) But when I was single I was pretty shy and I would’ve loved the idea of a blindfold/darkness taking the pressure off a little bit!

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #364063

    spookygoddess78 wrote >>
    I’ve lost 25 pounds over the last year and went from a snug size 10 to a perfectly fitting size 4. I haven’t counted calories or fat and don’t have an overly restritive diet – I can’t because I love cooking, eating and boozing it up way too much.
    Basically, I switched to an all whole foods diet. No more processed foods. No fast food. Whole grains. Very limited sweets. I pack my lunch every day and eat dinner at home on the week nights. I occasionaly go out to eat on the weekends. I would say that 100% of my lunches and 50% of my weekly dinners are entirely or heavily plant based. Red meat happens rarely. Exercise wise, I generally do about 2-3 spin classes a week. Portion wise, I try to be mindful but don’t go too crazy – basically, I just make sure I don’t have seconds at dinner (most of the time). I’ve never been a cold breakfast fan but if I do eat breakfast during the work week, it’s homeade granola. On the weekends though – I make really indulgent breakfasts – bacon, eggs benedict, duck fat potatoes. I think it’s important to have indulgences occasionally because otherwise a diet is less of a lifestyle and more of a torture that can only be temporarily endured. The key is keeping the indugences occasional and not allowing them to become the norm.
    Aside from the weight loss, I haven’t had any kind of illness (not even a cold) since I switched to a whole foods diet. This is a huge change since I’ve always been very, very sickly.

    I’m definitely with you there. I have never had to go on a “diet” but maintained a size 2-4 through my adult life by avoiding processed foods completely. The people I know who bike a lot and cook fresh foods at home are all rail thin. AND it reduces your illness AND saves money. It pays to live well in every way!

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #363992

    somertimeoh wrote >>
    Can we please get this really helpful thread back on track for those wanting to discuss the changes we’re making to be healthier.

    Yes but I thought the links to studies were pretty helpful and relevant to the topic at hand!

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #363989

    Talker wrote >>
    You can still be overweight and healthy. My family and I are examples of this as none of us have any kinds of health problems whatsoever.

    Yes, true, and nobody should ever feel bad for not looking like everybody else. But from a stark scientific standpoint, if you measure “health” in terms of life expectancy, some research [/url] shows that hungry equals healthy.

    Bad news for people like me with a major sweet tooth :)

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #363986

    I definitely agree with self-love, but I think that Americans are far too okay with being overweight. It’s less an image thing – who care about fitting an impossible ideal? – and more of a health thing. Only 1 in 200 women suffers from anorexia, whereas two-thirds of Americans are overweight. So yes, love yourself. But ancestrally speaking, humans are actually meant to be extremely lean and muscular. I’m going to be shot down for saying this, but anything else is probably not too good for you. After all, we evolved to be “working out” (hunting, planting, running, etc.) for about 8 hours a day and eating just enough to get by.

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #363974

    Ohh I do have one secret weapon to share: popsicles! They have maybe 30-70 calories each depending on what kind you get and I love them for snacking. They are convenient, yummy and satisfy whatever naughty food I’m craving (coconut, chocolate, fruit, etc.)

    in reply to: So, who’s on a diet? #363966

    When I stopped breastfeeding my daughter I gained about 15 lbs. in two months. The only way to lose it was to eat fewer calories than I burn, plain and simple. Unfortunately it’s a matter of discipline and there’s now way around it.

    People who exercise don’t necessarily lose weight.[/url] But they might still look and feel better.

    The most helpful thing for me is to shift the focus from what my body looks like to how it feel inside, selecting foods and routines that maximize my wellness. Think like a hippie :)

    in reply to: Wonderland Columbus – News & Updates #334914

    the fb event says it ends at 9:00. anyone know if it will still be happening around 10:00?

    in reply to: Hating the Ohio Union #357452

    Rockmastermike wrote >>

    sugarplumclarey wrote >>
    I also don’t think you can successfully draw an analogy to “huge public building that was the process of many years and people” to “individual small-scale personal art show.” the very fact that these two examples are so different is one basis for my opinion; the metrics for evaluating each of these things is very different.

    Fair enough,
    but I think that in both cases some standard of criticism can be judged as constructive and another standard will simply come across as vague pointless negativity about the style that artist chose to project and not the execution.

    Thanks for your cordial and thoughtful follow-up. My problem is with the aesthetics, yes. But it goes much deeper than that. I have trouble with how capitalism drives design. The fact that a structure is designed by few, but occupied by many, invites a certain social critique. There are different implications for a public space than for a gallery hanging.

    How many times have people said stuff like:

    “I hate Wendy’s!” or “I hate popped collars!” What you mean is that you hate WHAT THEY REPRESENT: processed food, or a certain lifestyle. And you may have an aesthetic aversion to go along with that. But it’s no more a criticism of Dave Thomas or Ralph Lauren than mine is a personal jab at Curt Moody. More like Adam Smith :)

    in reply to: Best Cheap Lunch Spots in Columbus #363045

    TaraK wrote >>
    Frutta del Mondo on N. 4th. Amazing paninis, pleasant place, good service.
    My usual order:
    1/2 He Man Panini (a half is the size of a normal sandwich): $3.50
    A side salad (greens, two kinds of olives, peppers, tomatoes, croutons, red onion): $2.50
    A can of coke: $1.45
    And seriously, this is a big lunch! The half-panini is huge AND it comes with chips. On a not-super-hungry day, any normal person could easily get full on a 1/2 panini and chips and soda for $4.95. Their side salad is really good. Plus it’s super close to where I work.

    Glad to hear a positive review of this place. I’ve been meaning to try it forever.

    in reply to: Best Cheap Lunch Spots in Columbus #363043

    My top 3:

    Dirty Frank’s[/url]: $4-6
    Street Food[/url]: $4-8
    Cafe Brioso[/url]: $4-8

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