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  • in reply to: Newbie Questions: Food, Weird Donut Smell, Etc. #273715

    I love the Banana Leaf on Bethel Rd. for Indian. Who is harassing you? If the homeless individuals asking for spare change are bothersome, ask them if they have a copy of Street Speech to sell! Read more here: http://www.columbushomeless.org/advocacy.htm …it’s a homeless advocacy newspaper.

    in reply to: Restaurant Menus – Why no drink prices? #271811

    you beat me to it! i was going to post this very question myself. being on a tight budget is tough, but having to ask about a drink price in front of guests (or a date) is downright embarrassing! any restauranteurs or servers want to weigh in?

    in reply to: Q: Can anyone recommend a good tailor? #124661

    is boris good for women’s gowns? i need to have a bridesmaid dress altered for a july wedding, and it’s going to be one of those pesky jobs with weird specifications.

    in reply to: What are your pet peaves? #173734

    If you can remember to do so, ask your doctor whether the drug she prescribes is available in generic form. If not, ask if there is another drug you can take that IS available in generic form. Might not be possible, but always worth a shot.

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    in reply to: Swine Flu / H1N1 #269350

    Am I the only one who is scared of the pig bug? Follow-up question: should I not be scared? I know zero about pathology/medicine, so I rely on sensationalist media outlets to inform me on this topic. Perhaps it’s because I have a baby or perhaps it’s because I know how hard-hit the poor countries would be if a flu pandemic emerged, but I’m one of those people who will show up at Giant Eagle this week in a space suit to buy H20 and canned soup. Then again, I’m a little paranoid. Feel free to convince me otherwise…

    in reply to: Moving Boxes? #269132

    I hit the jackpot today. Had to run an errand in Lewis Center and took a detour behind that mile-long strip mall. Found tons of dumpsters full of cardboard boxes! If anybody needs them when I’m finished moving, PM me. They’ll be available late May.

    in reply to: What are your pet peaves? #173696

    As hard as I try to be open-minded about linguistic variation, deep down I can’t help but shudder when people leave out the passive infinitive before dropping a past participle, e.g. “The car needs picked up.” “I need dropped off.” “The clothes need washed.” I never heard this construction until I moved to Ohio, and after 2+ years my spine still tingles when I encounter such an egregious violation of the English language. This error needs TO BE eradicated!!! (Sorry, I know it’s obnoxious when people have an attitude about proper grammar. I’m generally a very nice person.)

    in reply to: Street Speech newspaper #269050

    … sorry, it might be my fault for trying to get fancy and post a link …

    in reply to: Street Speech newspaper #269046

    Yes, please buy Street Speech! There is a world of difference between sharing your spare change and investing in somebody’s businesses, even if that business is selling newspapers for $1. The positive psychological effects that this has on vendors are priceless; to get a taste of the empowering effects of a homeless newspaper, view this short clip about Denver’s efforts over the last 13 years:

    Street Speech’s content is pretty awesome too :)

    in reply to: Franklin County Small Claims #268721

    1. I second nexttuesday: access OSU law school’s legal aid clinic at http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/shlc/

    2. The Legal Aid Society of Columbus will point you in the right direction too: (614) 224-8374 or columbuslegalaid.org. Once weekly, lawyers @ Legal Aid and the Bar Association [(614) 221-0754] volunteer their advice free to the public at housing workshops. Bring all of your documentation (lease, proof of deposit, photos, emails w/ landlord, phone records, etc.) to give the lawyer so he/she can give you the best advice possible to take to small claims court.

    3. When all is resolved, rate your landlord online. http://college.pick-a-landlord.com/ is one site, and maybe other CU users can direct you to more.

    Not sure what your exact situation is, but bere are some other useful phone numbers.

    Columbus Housing Investigator: 466-5998
    Columbus Urban League: 257-6300
    Columbus Health Dept: 645-7417
    Health Code Enforcement: 645-3111
    Escrow Department: 645-7420
    HUD: 469-5737
    Legal Aid Society: 224-8374
    Ohio Civil Rights Commission: 466-5928

    Good luck, and let me know if you have any success in small claims.

    in reply to: What’s a good Mexican restaurant in Columbus? #267985

    El Mariachi is the most authentic one I’ve found: 4740 E Main St, Whitehall, OH. (614) 868-1669. $10 per capita for comida corrida style meal. I haven’t checked out the taco trucks yet, but I bet they have a lot to offer.

    in reply to: Request Trader Joes for downtown #257179

    joev wrote >>
    Didn’t the Sunflower at Gateway close a few months before the other Sunflowers? I think that’s what happened. Perhaps it wasn’t the right grocery store for the campus area, where 19 cent ramen is valued more than fresh, perishable veggies.
    I really liked the Sunflower concept, though. Prefered it to Trader Joe’s, because they dealt more in affordable staples rather than processed specialty snacks. Local conventional or organic milk, eggs, cheese and meat were always in stock.

    … agreed. In many senses TJs is a great concept and I shop there for certain ready-to-eat items. But when it comes to fresh produce, per-oz. pricing, and environmental impact, I’ll stick to the farmers’ markets and CSA. In related news, here’s some useful material from Mother Jones on the future of food: http://www.motherjones.com/special-reports/2009/03/smart-growth

    in reply to: Healthy Dining Options in Columbus? #266238

    last night we went to Taste of Bali on bethel road and discovered the amazing jack fruit. true to its name, this is a fruit. but when prepared correctly, it has a distinctly pork-like consistency and flavor. no joke. i was instantly hooked; check it out. low price, low calories, high flavor. a sure win.

    for fish, try the tilapia at el arepazo downtown. across the street is cafe brioso, rife with fresh breads and healthy deli fare. black creek bistro has wonderful salads, while vegetarian entrees @ northstar and dragonfly’s on the fly are as good-for-you as it gets. the tofu sloppy joe @ whole world is zingy, if that is a word. to end this tour, may i suggest a helping of hummus at benevolence bakery behind the north market.

    surely i’ve missed a lot of establishments that deserve mention, but this should be enough to get you started.

    in reply to: Wanted: A Clean House! #264319

    I received a gift certificate for a house cleaning from some co-workers, and the woman they sent was fantastic. She worked really quickly and thoroughly, finishing everything I asked her to do. She is local and she owns the business herself. Her name is Melodie Holland and her phone is 218-8141. Email is [email protected]. She charges $25 per labor hour and works a lot in Vic Village. Tell her that Clare referred you if she asks!

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 199 total)

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The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!