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    bob.os said:
    Still more excellent reporting[/url] from the Clinton-Como folks, including this gem from Blazer’s proposed resolution

    Whereas, individual commissioners could be subject to legal action for interfering with the rights of private landowners,

    More on that from the city attorney’s office today. In response to further questions about Blazer’s proposed resolution on the turn lane the following response was sent from Steve Dunbar, Assistant City Attorney:

    An area commission cannot prohibit itself from taking future action. A resolution seeking to prohibit future action could simply be overturned at a subsequent meeting.

    Area commissioners cannot be held liable, in either their personal or official capacities, for their votes. If a legal claim were brought against a commissioner for his or her vote, the City Attorney’s Office would represent the commissioner pursuant to ORC 2744.07 (pasted below). Because there are no legal grounds for such a claim, we would ask the court to dismiss the case and order the person who filed the case to pay our expenses and attorney fees.

    Stephen C. Dunbar
    Assistant City Attorney

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    columbusmike said:
    ssnyder5, thanks for the links. I had no idea that it was this small of a project – I did not understand the scope of the proposal. This seems to be a pretty minute change.

    I’d have no qualms of this proposal. I could maybe see the addition of some traffic calming features (cobblestone, landscaped median, etc to keep vehicle speeds down). I’ve seen several vehicles fly across that intersection at 35mph+ while pedestrians are crossing.

    No problem. The idea with the enhanced crosswalks is that they would be a different material (most likely brick) that would stand out to make the pedestrian crossings more visible. There are also a number of other traffic calming measures that the community has looked into, such as striping EN Broadway to create a road diet.

    At the same time, the turn lane would help to improve the safety and quality of life for families living on those side streets south of the intersection. There are numerous problems that result from diverting traffic onto narrow side streets that were never designed to carry that volume nor the scale of some of the large commercial trucks that get onto the side streets trying to find a way south.

    See the photo from page 4 of this discussion:

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    columbusmike said:
    It’s also a neighborhood, historic, in fact. I don’t live in one of the properties that will be affected, but I imagine I wouldn’t be too thrilled about someone plowing down my tall oak trees and installing a turn lane in my front yard. Solving all of our traffic problems with more pavement and turning neighborhoods into high-speed roads is not a progressive solution.

    The idea that all of those trees that had the green ribbons tied to them will be affected is simply not the case. The project is designed to take place only near the intersection, from High street to Broadway Place (the first alley).

      [*]The project with take 10 ft of public right-of-way, near High Street and taper back to 0ft at Broadway Place [/*]
      [*]The city designed the plans to preserve the large sycamore. Three street trees will be removed, but they will be replaced with larger sized trees (at least 3 in caliper) and an additional 11 trees will be planted along E North Broadway outside of the project area. [/*]
      [*]The addition of the turn lane will allow the east and west sides of the intersection to be aligned, (currently if you drive over it you will notice it jogs) and through a simple restriping the west side a dedicated right turn lane can be added, improving southbound access from both east and west of the intersection. [/*]
      [*]The countdown timers have already been installed but the design also includes enhanced crosswalks at the intersection.[/*]
      [*]In addition, improved configuration of the intersection will allow the city to synchronize the traffic lights with other traffic signals on High Street and North Broadway.[/*]

    There are no plans to make East North Broadway 4 lanes wide. In fact, the Clintonville Area Commission approved a resolution (CAC–Res #1-2010 available at http://www.clintonvilleareacommission.org) to reaffirm its strong opposition to any widening between Broadway Place and Indianola.

    Here’s a link to a PDF, see pages 3 & 4 for project scope and map: http://www.saferstreetsforall.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/East-North-Broadway-PowerPoint-Final.pdf

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    Found a list of the local sponsors on WTVN

    From 3/5/12, to 610 WTVN, Columbus, OH

    (These ads ran between 12 and 12:30 pm)

    Amberin 800-339-0095

    Lear Capital 800-957-4653

    Capital University http://www.capital.edu/capitaldirectory.aspx?searchdepartment=Public%20Relations%20and%20Marketing


    (Between 12:30-1 pm)

    Schmidt’s Restaurant & Sausage House, Columbus
    schmidthaus.com 614-449-4038

    http://www.alarmforce.com 800-267-2001

    Commerce National Bank, Columbus 614-583-2200

    Merion Village Dental http://www.merionvillagedental.com 614-443-4400


    American Air, Grove City, OH 877-321-8035

    Financial Providence Group, Dayton http://www.fdgroup.us 937-478-6790

    Classic Air, Columbus http://www.classicair.com 614-476-1732



    Luebbe Care Hearing Services http://www.hearohio.com 614-431-1010


    John Deer Equipment, several OH locations http://www.jdequipment.com


    Goldworth Financial http://www.goldworth.com 800-257-GOLD

    (Between 1-2 pm)

    App Ninjas http://www.appninjas.com 888-364-6527


    Vitacost.com 800-381-0759

    Conservatorypiano.com 484-560-6305

    Mini-Maids, Westerville, OH http://www.minimaidsservices.com

    Communities In Schools http://www.cisnet.org


    Insperity.com 800-465-3800

    First Opetion Lending http://www.firstoptiononline.com 614-602-6020

    Ohio Christian University http://www.ocuonline.com

    http://www.simplebathohio.com (couldn’t log into this one?)

    Dr. Robert Gardner, Clintonville, OH http://www.clintonvilledental.com


    (between 2-2:30 pm)

    Global Builders Restoration http://www.globalbuildersus.com

    Muth & Company Roofing http://www.muthroofing.com 614-882-0900

    Franklin University http://www.franklin.edu 877-341-6300

    Miracle Motor Mart http://www.miraclemotormart.com 614-861-0250

    (Between 2:30-2:50, had to get my daughter, missed the end)

    Dr. Kvitko & Assoc. http://www.drkvitko.com 614-262-9588

    China Dynasty (Arlington) http://www.chinadynasty-cmh.com 614-486-7126

    Wow Internet, Cable & Phone http://www.wowway.com 866-496-9669

    Rosati Windows, Columbus http://www.rosatiwindows.com 888-866-7800


    Ronald McDonald House

    Atty Robert Steinberg http://www.robertlsteinberg.com 888-891-2200



    Hydroxitone 800-990-3505

    in reply to: Boycott Rush Limbaugh #484272


    I wrote to several companies. I’ve only received one response yet, from Carbonite. See below:

    [email protected] <[email protected]>
    A Message from Carbonite CEO, David Friend


    Over the past two days we have received a tremendous amount of feedback on Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments. I too am offended and very concerned about his comments. Limbaugh’s remarks have us rethinking our future use of talk radio.

    We use more than 40 talk show hosts to help get the Carbonite message out to the public. The nature of talk radio is that from time to time listeners are offended by a host and ask that we pull our advertising. This goes for conservatives like Limbaugh and progressives like Stephanie Miller and Ed Shultz. We even get customers who demand that we pull the plug on NPR. As an advertiser, we do not have control over a show’s editorial content or what they say on air. Carbonite does not endorse the opinions of the shows or their hosts.

    However, the outcry over Limbaugh is the worst we’ve ever seen. I have scheduled a face-to-face meeting next week with Limbaugh during which I will impress upon him that his comments were offensive to many of our customers and employees alike.

    Please know your voice has been heard and that we are taking this matter very seriously.


    in reply to: Komen Defunding Cancer Screenings at Planned Parenthood #479892


    myliftkk said:
    I think the appropriate term for the current state is “cautious and watchful optimism”.

    Agreed. I for one will be waiting to see what actually happens now. I think their actions from here on out will speak louder than any press release they send out.

    in reply to: Columbus City Council Played with Speaker Slip Trick #479033


    More about last Monday’s Council Zoning Meeting in The Other Paper:
    Wards and rewards

    in reply to: Columbus City Council Played with Speaker Slip Trick #479032


    Anidem said:
    I’m looking at the map and am trying to figure out where they’re putting this parking lot unless they tear down some houses across the street on Fenway. Am I missing something here?

    Pretty crappy all the way around, though, even for Wesley Glen to not have the foresight and to go ahead with their project and worry about particulars later.

    Anidem, you’re not missing anything. They are in fact planning to tear down two residential houses to build the parking lot.

    lizless said:
    If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny.

    Clintonville deserves better leadership, hoping some smart locals step up (Jim Ellison?).

    Agreed. This was unfortunately just more of the same from DeFourny. It’s especially troubling that someone who is supposed to be acting as the community’s representative would instead game the speaker system and interfere with the community’s ability to communicate their views with council.

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    Pablo said:
    ^That’s all very nice but the quickest and cheapest solution would be to add the left turn lane as currently proposed by the City.


    Polis said:
    Does anyone know if the city did a cost estimate of the cost of the traffic at this intersection during rush hour?

    I read a few articles on this issue recently but don’t really see the impetus for the turn lane.

    The impetus is driven by requests from residents of Clintonville and 311 reports from families living south of North Broadway. Not so much about the efficiency of the intersection (though the intersection does currently have a failing grade) but about safety issues of both the illegal maneuvers at the intersection itself and safety concerns and negative effects resulting from the lack of southbound access for traffic headed west on North Broadway being diverted onto the smaller, often single passing lane side streets that are unequipped to handle that traffic.

    Particularly problematic are the large trucks trying to find a way south. Here is a photo from just a week ago of one which got stuck at the alley at the narrow t-intersection of Hennepin and Delhi.

    This truck had to reverse for a block and a half and then damaged the stop sign at the corner in order to angle wide enough to make the turn and exit the neighborhood, headed south on High.

    in reply to: Kroger at High & North Broadway – News & Updates #184725


    Pablo, the landscape architect was Todd Foley at Faris Planning & Design. The new design for the corner is a big improvement.

    As far as the plantings, both Faris and Kroger worked with members of the community on the final selection of plants. We went over the landscape plan in detail and identified where natives could be incorporated and/or substituted in place of non-natives from the original design.

    Some examples:

      [*]American Sycamore (PLATANUS OCCIDENTALLIS) used in place of Lacebark Elm[/*]
      [*]Compact American Cranberry Viburnum (VIBURNUM TRILOBUM ‘BAILEY COMPACTUM’) used instead of European Cranberry Viburnum[/*]
      [*]Ninebark (PHYSOCARPUS OPULIFOLIUS ‘SEWARD’) instead of Weigela Florida[/*]

    Other natives being used in the landscaping are Black Chokeberry and a species of Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis ‘Lustre’) which is native to Ohio.

    There is quite a bit of interest in parts of Clintonville to restore native species to the existing landscape. The Kroger store is not within the boundary areas of the Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum[/url], but they were very interested in the work being done in South Clintonville and willing to help support those efforts by planting a number of native species as part of their store renovation project.

    in reply to: Kroger at High & North Broadway – News & Updates #184722


    Clinton-Como Neighborhood website:

    Last winter, the community worked with Kroger on their plans for the remodel of the store at North High and North Broadway. Recently, I followed up with Kroger about the progress of that renovation.

    The Grand Reopening of the Kroger store will be on November 10!

    Among the upgrades made to the outside of the store are:

      [*]New trellises to add detail to the southern elevation of the store[/*]
      [*]New streetscaping along High Street[/*]
      [*]Several new walkways to improve pedestrian access to the store [/*]
      [*]Decorative fencing, a walkway and landscaping added to the corner of the property at the intersection of North High and North Broadway[/*]

    Also, the landscape architect worked closely with members of the community to select native plants for use in the new landscape design.

    Below is the reopening announcement from Kroger:


    Your new and improved neighborhood Kroger will be re-opening on Thursday, November 10! The recently expanded store will feature a new façade, native landscaping and beautiful décor; but the real treat is inside the front doors. The 39,000 square foot store contains a host of improvements, including a larger pharmacy, a brand new bistro and sushi area, and an enhanced bakery and produce department. The Kroger team worked hard to make sure the store represents the best of Clintonville. In fact, the landscape designer worked hand-in-hand with residents and the Clintonville Area Commission to design a pedestrian-friendly parking lot that features plants native to the community of Clintonville!

    The store will be led by Store Manager Sara Littleton, who is excited to welcome the neighborhood back into the store. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give Sara a call at: 614-263-1766.

    Grand Reopening
    Thursday, November 10th
    9:00 a.m.

    Open House with prizes, demonstrations and samples
    Thursday, November 10th
    4:00-6:00 p.m.

    First 300 customers on Friday, November 11th will get a free reusable bag with a coupon book for groceries!

    in reply to: Kroger at High & North Broadway – News & Updates #184721


    It will reopen on November 10th.

    in reply to: Left Turn Lane Proposal at High & North Broadway #359120


    Below are the articles covering the project since the last update on this thread:
    Signatures supporting turn lane given to city
    May 16 – Representatives from numerous Clintonville community organizations met with city officials late last month to present more than 950 signed letters of support for the planned North High Street and North Broadway intersection improvement project, the nonprofit Safer Streets for All announced last week.

    Proposed turn lane divides Clintonville residents
    Sept. 19 – In the grand scheme of things, it’s a dot on the Columbus area’s traffic-planning maps.

    And if you look at it in the context of bigger road projects — let’s say, the state’s effort to rebuild the I-670/I-71 interchange Downtown — the proposed left-turn lane from westbound E. North Broadway to southbound High Street in Clintonville is but a speck.

    So how come a small project that has been studied and debated for decades is still up in the air?

    Trial date set in turn-lane lawsuit
    Oct 5 – North Broadway Street Association president Carole W. Tomko last week predicted that her organization’s lawsuit against the city, county and other parties to permanently block construction of a turn lane at the intersection with North High Street could be decided in mid-December.

    “Then we feel that there will be an appeals process, regardless of who prevails,” Tomko said.

    in reply to: Left Turn Lane Proposal at High & North Broadway #359119


    Update on the North High/North Broadway intersection:

    Last spring, more that 950 letters of support for the project with the turn lanes were delivered to the Mayor’s office and City Council.

    The Dispatch reported in September that the Mayor’s office has committed to taking responsibility for making the decision on the project.

    The plans to make improvements to the North High / North Broadway intersection came about at the request of families and businesses in the neighborhood. Since the 1970’s, community members have worked to get a remedy for the persistent safety and mobility problem that they experience resulting from this key intersection.

    Here on ColumbusUnderground, City Council President and Clintonville resident Andrew Ginther has recognized and spoken about the unsustainability of the current condition. The failing condition of the intersection is holding the neighborhood back.

    It is my hope that Mayor Coleman will be responsive to the needs of the overall community for a vibrant, safer and more livable neighborhood, and that he will move forward with the improvements to the intersection.

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