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  • in reply to: The McRib is back #411353

    @Walker – I had forgotten all about that schizophrenic rapper guy. Thanks for reminding me.

    in reply to: Candle shopping in the post-Paul Robinett era? #398392

    annrobinett wrote >>
    Hi, I am Ann, Paul’s sister. I will be carrying on the family tradition under the new name of Ann Robinett. Although the selection has somewhat changed we are offering the same great candles that you all loved! The location is 9 Buttles Ave, Ste 116. At this time you may order via email [email protected]. Walk-ins welcome within the next couple of weeks once the shop is ready for business. In the meantime, we are stocked and can accept orders via email for pick-up or delivery! Our phone lines will also be up shortly.
    Please contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to place an order.
    Thanks Ann
    [email protected]

    Please tell me you are still going to have the Pine/Evergreen scent. That is the most awesome-est winter scent ever.

    in reply to: JobsOhio / Ohio Department of Development – News & Updates #397515

    Yeah, Mr. K said two things he probably wants to take back: “We don’t want public employees,” and “all the way to dotting T’s and crossing I’s.”

    in reply to: OSU National Rankings #397054

    JonMyers wrote >>
    53rd to 56th! I bet heads are gonna roll.

    Not really. There are good explanations for the national ranking drop and the public university ranking (18) stayed the same as last year. There were several OSU initiatives implemented last year (which were very successful) that actually had a negative impact on the rankings due to the very specific metrics and weighting schemes that are used by US News to ‘measure’ the schools. While I wouldn’t say that the US News rankings are completely meaningless…I would say that movement up or down a couple spots doesn’t really mean much of anything and most administrators realize this. On a bright note, OSU did better this year on freshmen retention, graduation rates, and full-time faculty metrics compared to last year and I think that says something very positive about the direction of the University.

    in reply to: “A Portrait of Damon Zex” #386288

    Cookie wrote >>
    When we pay attention to Fred Zaner, everybody loses.

    How so? Fred and Tamara are actually really great people.

    in reply to: Kids in Restaurants #385636

    You know, it’s definitely a discipline issue. Growing up, my mom had no qualms about hauling me out of any business establishment (restaurants, grocery stores, fun kid places, etc..) if I couldn’t behave appropriately – even if it meant the situation would cause her an inconvenience. I think the big problem with misbehaving kids in public environments is more of a problem of parents not wanting to be inconvenienced by the behavior and therefore, not immediately addressing it and stopping it.

    in reply to: The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Columbus Edition #373057

    apple fritter from DK Diner

    in reply to: Comfest 2010 #382914

    dmorris614 wrote >>

    If you don’t like ComFest, don’t go. Period. We’ve been in an anti-growth phase lately; your absence would likely be appreciated. And if you don’t go, just keep your mouth shut when asked about our event, cool?

    This is an interesting position. As someone who has attended, volunteered and contributed to comfest in a very positive way for well over a decade, I would think that I’m exactly the type of attendee organizers would want to keep. But, good to know my absence this year is what organizers are striving for. Job well done, I guess?

    in reply to: Comfest 2010 #382889

    lisathewaitress wrote >>
    listened to yesterday’s All Sides yesterday with John Petric – I’ve got to say, I kind of agree with him.
    I used to love Comfest, and for years it hasn’t been the way it used to be. And I used to think it was just me, but almost everyone I know says the same thing – it just isn’t the same.
    And I find it hard to believe that NO ONE from Comfest had time to come on and join the debate.
    And I stand by my assertion that it is time to start another MUSIC festival.
    And, they might stop media from entering the grounds, but they can’t stop bloggers!!

    I used to really enjoy it also – been going every year since ’96. This will be the first year that I don’t go. The vibe has changed a lot the last couple of years and the crowds last year were outrageous for the space. And, there’s definitely what I perceive as an ever increasing shady/unsafe element in attendance, especially in the evenings.

    Bear wrote >>
    My AP Bio teacher had us keep our eyes out for freshly-killed deer on the way in to school. One day we got there and found a note that said “Meet at my house.” We carpooled up there and he was already field-dressing the deer… got a biology lesson out of it and he got a freezer full of meat.
    Intestine had burst, though… that made things pretty unpleasant when he unzipped the abdomen.
    So, you can do it.
    He also had clothes made out of the skin… etc.

    Was the teacher’s name Hannibal Lector by any chance? ;-)

    in reply to: AT&t/iPHONE #381452

    I have not figured out why folks hate on ATT – I switched from Verizon to ATT 2 years ago and I’ve not noticed a significant difference in terms of coverage, dropped calls, etc. I think Verizon has done a very good job of convincing people that there is a significant difference.

    in reply to: Le Chocoholique – Chocolate Shop in the Short North #359474

    Bear wrote >>

    cc wrote >>
    I am gonna get flamed for this, but I think (of the choices) the one on the top is the easiest on the eyes.
    Papyrus is a very well designed font. It just got overused.

    I don’t think too many people complain that it’s poorly designed… just that it’s everywhere.

    This thread cracks me up. Obviously, I’m not a designer. So the issue is not that it’s a poory designed font but just that it’s too popular/over-used? LOL. Okay. I’m thinking that customers who aren’t designers might not recognize the use of this popular font as terrible branding and therefore, the sign won’t affect most people’s decision to try the chocolates that are inside.

    in reply to: Le Chocoholique – Chocolate Shop in the Short North #359445

    joev wrote >>

    spookygoddess78 wrote >>
    I suppose not everyone can be an amazing graphic designer.

    In this economy, I do think it’s possible for everyone to have an amazing graphic designer. Good branding is as important as the brick and mortar experience of a store.
    Font aside, I need to visit the Short North soon to check this out, as well as Mouton.

    In this economy, I would assume a small business just opening up might be trying to scrimp and save everywhere they can, particularly if the product itself is costly to produce. I agree that branding is important, but I can’t agree that it’s possible for everyone to have an amazing graphic designer.

    in reply to: Le Chocoholique – Chocolate Shop in the Short North #359443

    I suppose not everyone can be an amazing graphic designer. I could really care less about the font on the sign if the chocolates are delicious. Can’t wait to give this place a try!

    in reply to: What’s Cooking? #205170

    dru wrote >>
    first fresh peas of the summer season.
    quickly cooked then chilled
    served over romaine
    dressing of mint, serrano chile, dried figs, lemon zest and juice and some pumpkin seeds.
    now to work on some squash blossoms

    I just got fresh peas,as well. I had great plans for these peas. My plans were foiled when I could not stop pulling them out of the pods and snacking on them. :-(

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