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    Let me see if I understand this…

    The people of Columbus voted down paying for an Arena several times.

    Nationwide, the Dispatch Group and Worthington Industries people went ahead because they thought it would be a good investment and wanted Hockey in Columbus… and Nationwide would make money from developing property they already owned.

    The team is losing over $10 million a year (and one player in particular makes millions per year). They don’t do very well. Game tickets are expensive… so’s the beer.

    The Casinos were approved by the voters. The Casino developers wanted to use the Arena District location they bought and paid for… a brownfield being cleaned up, at their own expense.

    Nationwide, the Dispatch Group and others didn’t want the casino in their precious Arena District … casino bad … and some tens of millions were spent to get it relocated to the West side.

    The Casino agreed to move, at thier expense, they bought another brownfield to clean up.

    Now, Nationwide and the Dispatch Group (along with our Mayor) want a public operated entity (taxpayers) to buy Nationwide Arena so they can bail on the black hole that is the Blue Jackets financial situation… partially caused by the horrendous rent they must pay Nationwide.

    … and they say this will all be paid for with over-stated revenue taxes from the casino that Nationwide didn’t want near them … or dump it on the public … anyone but the people who created this mess.

    Don’t count on the Columbus casino being a major success. Wheeling has one already, Cleveland will have one, as well as Toledo and Cincinnati… the gamblers will come only from central Ohio. Dayton folk will drive Cincinnati as it’s closer, especially since the Cincy casino will be the same and is located in what’s become a very vibrant downtown area. West Broad is a dump.

    People, prepare to be screwed.

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    I only came to know Don and his wife just this past Summer. They were very encouraging with a little project I’m working on… super nice people. From what I gathered he was quite the man, fighting not only for his clients but for the beliefs he held in his heart. We lost one of the good ones and now all of us must step it up to fill the void he left — and work for the causes he believed in.

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    Are these the same Bellisari’s that used to co-own Frog Bear and Wild Boar, had an interest in the Vido’s (suburban) chain and have major ownership in W.G. Grinders?

    I’d be afraid. What’s a Grinder, anyway?

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