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  • JD3 wrote >>
    Yep, it’s toast. I’m glad they’re building something else there though and not just packing up shop. I think the odds of getting my money back are much greater.

    You should not have to worry about getting your money back. The funds were a deposit based on a good/service that was not provided. Therefore, these funds should be made available immediately. Additionally, who knows if the apartment thing is true, or it is just a scapegoat for an excuse that the funds will be returned at some point. They pulled the wool this long, what makes you think they aren’t doing it again? I say, get your money while you can, before they go BANKRUPT and you get nothing. Or don’t :)


    I just received an e-mail from ARMS Properties stating that the Ibiza project has officially been canned and that they are going to be building apartments instead. As for the refund of deposit money. That will be refunded once the apartment project has been “FUNDED.” Bullshit!

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    jenlauren wrote >>
    That would be a fun addition, hope it’s true. I need another option to get a french 75 other than Eleven. I can’t afford $10 cocktails.

    Sage in Clintonville makes a fabulous French 75!!

    bababoohi wrote >>

    ShimmyKnocker wrote >>
    Well, it’s sounding very close to “official”. Ibiza has lost 33% of their reserved deposits and the city no longer has a building permit for the project. Additionally, there have been several liens put on the property. News sounds bleak for Ibiza.
    On a lighter note…Happy Thanksgiving!! :0)

    Is there a website where I can see this information from an official source? I don’t doubt you, just wondering.

    I obtained the permit info from the city clerks office. The lien info. was acquired through a title search. I had interest in this property and was one of the many that have pulled out. This is how I know of the number of peeps that have rescinded on their deposits.

    Well, it’s sounding very close to “official”. Ibiza has lost 33% of their reserved deposits and the city no longer has a building permit for the project. Additionally, there have been several liens put on the property. News sounds bleak for Ibiza.

    On a lighter note…Happy Thanksgiving!! :0)

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    Cookie wrote >>

    catnfiddle wrote >>
    I’ll manage as long as there’s liquor there next week.

    We’ll try not to drink it all on Friday.

    Leave your stupid comments in your pocket. Jack ass!

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    laChewla wrote >>
    You know Italian Festival is this weekend. You could probably just swing by there before the party if you’re really in a pinch.

    That’s Right! Also, the aforementioned Cleveland Corbo’s will have a cart at the festival, as they do every year, dishing out their famous cannoli. You can get either plan, or chocolate chip! You may want to call them in advance at the Cleveland store and place an order to be prepared for you to pick up at the fair. :)

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    Walker wrote >>
    Probably a good place to share this info:
    What: BalletMet Columbus’s Costume un-Loading Dock Sale
    When: Saturday, September 26, 10am-4pm
    Where: Dance Centre Loading Dock, 322 Mt. Vernon Ave.
    Looking for a Halloween costume that wows? Does your child’s dress-up collection need a makeover? Want to own a piece of BalletMet history?
    BalletMet cleans out its closet with a spectacular yard sale. Up for grabs will be more than 100 costume pieces ‘retired’ from BalletMet’s collection including Soldier costumes from the perennial family favorite, The Nutcracker. Though no tutus are for sale, pieces include hoop skirts, unitards, jeans, shirts and more. Costumes for both men and women, plus small sizes perfect for children. Additionally, about 1,000 bundles of fabric and lots of trims and baubles will be for sale.
    This is the second consecutive year BalletMet has hosted its costume sale.
    Cash only. All proceeds benefit BalletMet Columbus.

    Walker, thanks! That is an amazing resource for some solid costuming!!

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    Maybe I’ll goes as Wolf Blitzer on Celebrity Jeopardy getting his ass kicked by Andy Richter…true story.

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    lifeontwowheels wrote >>
    You could be a giant tea bag.

    I don’t get it? :)

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    I was thinking of going with a friend as Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur. :)

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    Walker wrote >>
    (614) 297-7448
    [email protected]

    Glad to see they’re trying to resurrect their land fill by updating the website. I guess that is where everyone’s deposit $$ went! Don’t they get it, after alllllll of this, a fancy new web UI is not going to sell their property. If they couldn’t do it during “the boom” why do they think they can do it now? And do not be fooled, that loser Joe Recchie is still the “CEO” of this tragic excuse for a development. Sorry Joe, but we know it’s true..(i.e. The Broadwin)

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    I have been here twice now. The first time was on the official opening night. I was unimpressed with the food, but giving them the benefit of the doubt I went back for a second time. The quality of hot dog is lacking, the toppings are ok, and the sides taste cheap. I’m not quit sure why everyone raves about the mac and cheese. It reminded me of the Kraft creamy mac and cheese you get from a box, which comes with a packet of processed cheese. I’m a HUGE fan of the Liz Lessner chain of restaurants, but this one lacks in the charm and taste of her other endeavors. I’m sorry, but my next late nite binge you will find me back to The Tip Top Tavern.

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    Love the idea! How about the Italian Village park?

    Walker wrote >>

    ShimmyKnocker wrote >>
    The proof is in the pudding.

    I think I just figured out your source for this rumor.

    LOL. I knew the moment I used such a corny figure of speech I would regret it.

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